11.11.11: Much ado about nothing.Is it ?!!

And it will happen only after 100 years on, for that is the magic of 11.11.11. The hype about this day and time has been going on in the dailies for the past one week.

Here, as the numerologist puts it, it’s supposed to be a very auspicious day, to purchase something new, or to start a new project and with the number 11 signifying the adamant nature to pursue and achieve a goal. Hmmm. Well, to be very honest, I am not a keen follower of numerology, though, 11.11.11, be it 11am/pm – the palindrome of time, (look at your twelve-hour digital clock, if you can get your hands on one) makes a pretty interesting read.

So 11.11.11 whether it’s am/pm has been the time allotted for a number of big weddings, swearing-in ceremonies, new project openings, inauguration of various centers and major branches of big retailers and yes, the right time to give the down payment for the new car, and signing up for the home loans and so on. Though when one gynecologist had mentioned that her patient and their relatives had requested for the elective Caesarian to be allotted at 11.11.11 am/pm (either one); eyebrows did shoot up.

Though later through the day, it was not just the gynaecology wing that had stories to share across the halls. Coming over to the surgeon’s ward, our general surgeon on call had to do an elective appendectomy posted for tomorrow, on an emergency basis (read as very V.I.P. patient and auspicious date of 11.11.11am/pm) and when our hassled ophthalmologist had to do three cataract surgeries (read V.I.P. patients and 11.11.11am, again) when they were scheduled for later in the noon slot.

Oh yes, not to leave out the orthopedic’s plight in having to re-schedule his morning 9am elective surgery to’ as his patient puts it as, “a more appropriate time of 11.11.11 am/pm”.

That was just the bits and pieces of the epic theatre drama that took place today. It was practically useless pointing out to the patients that we had only to elective theatres and one emergency theatre available. To which the stat reply came as, “That’s not a problem Doc. It’s the 11.11.11 today and whether it’s in the morning or evening, it’s alright with me Doc?”

Seriously, I really feel that all the hue and cry about today is totally hyped up!! I mean some call it a lucky auspicious day. Others take it as a warning. And me, I haven’t figured it out yet. Still, I am not calling it ridiculous, though my hypoglossal nerve is itching to get it out. Consider some of the classic statements I got to hear today.

It will happen only after another 100 years.

Hmm, so will global warming will get worse in another 100 years!!

It’s the event of a lifetime.

There are many more such events to come.

You can tell about this epic “lucky” day to the future generations.

Two things, first define “lucky”!! And secondly, future generations already?!! Hey, I still need to figure out the present.

Alright, I concede. Today is definitely an important day, though strictly speaking sense and sensibility shouldn’t desert us in spite of the occasion. The latter includes, re-scheduling the meetings and operation timings among all other things.

Considering the auspicious date of today, my day turned out to be pretty much the usual. There was nothing extra-ordinary to quote, except for the fact that 11am was spent in the out-patient wing, wherein which I was desperately trying to catch forty winks, but (alas!) it evaded me yet again. So here am, twiddling my thumbs and wondering what lady luck (let’s say I occasionally can define and believe in it, especially when the need arises) holds in store for me today; after all there is the pm still left.

So how did your 11.11.11 go, even the 11am/pm slot? Anything out of the ordinary or was it just another day?

Here’s a catch. Are my eyes really drooping or does this post go for the 11 times,  “the 11.11.11″ as a part of the hype. Maybe you could figure it out if you start from the beginning to the end; it includes the post line (What’s a post without the head?!!). Stay glued to the screen and happy reading !!



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