H’llo there !!!

Kemcho. Dev baro dis dev. Namaskar. Shwmae. Grüezi . Hola. Salve.

These were few of the words that would grace my morning rounds tomorrow. Aha, its November 21st tomorrow and that explains it !! It’s the 39th World Hello Day.

Interestingly, the idea of holding such a day, as the Hello World Day was created to promote the idea of peace by showing other people kindness. In a way, it brings a pleasant emotion when you hear someone addressing you a greeting, which is not in their spoken language or in your  native tongue.

In a way it pricks your curiosity factor to know about the “other hello” , bringing you to “a bit of the other culture”. More importantly, the fact that you start the day with a jovial greeting instead of a somber good morning, makes any dull day worth it.

So as a part of the hospital project, mainly among our staff and in-patients, we have to learn to say hello in “the other lingo” and I am really looking forward to it. It could turn out to be a really interesting day.

So how many new languages have do you know or have learnt to say hello in? Do share it across. How will your World Hello Day be celebrated ? How do you say “hello” in your native language ?


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