Have you ever seen a leaf fall ?

Have you ever wondered what made the car stall while going across the streets of the neighborhood (which was a shortcut route), blocking the morning nine ‘o’ clock rush hour traffic? Was it because of faulty brakes or that the driver saw a child running to retrieve the ball which was in front of the car? Instead we impatiently honk our way right through the mess and in the process, disturbing the morning peace of the neighborhood. Typical I guess, not to mention the scene at traffic jams…

When was the last time you actually asked someone why they yelled at you, when it clearly wasn’t your fault? Instead we crib, we cuss and we keep on re-playing that scene in mind when ever we see that person again. Human nature, I guess…

Did you ever ask your friend why they were late for your major speech or documentary screening event? Was it because of getting stuck in traffic? Common expectation, I must say. No, it was because the teller at the branch in which your financier friend was in charge of, had managed to slip through a counterfeit check and would have been overlooked had things been left for later.

That’s right. Most of the time, we never ask. At least, I don’t. May be it’s to avoid confrontations. Yet, when the itch get’s too rough, then it’s time to take some sort of action; which I feel is the only way to relieve the stress of uncertainty and stop the constant buzz in the mind.

Though, one thing I have seen over the past few days is that, most misunderstandings come out of uncertainty and pure speculation. On getting to the heart of the matter, it was just a trivial matter after all. Instead we put the blame on an “n” number of people or just one person, and get shipwrecked in the process.

Here are a few thoughts that have been circulating in my mobile inbox for the past one week…

Who should be blamed when a leaf falls from the tree……?

Is it the wind that blew it away…?

Or the tree that let it go.….

Or is it the leaf who grew tired of holding on….

Life unfolds a lot of understandings and misunderstandings every day. It’s up to us to solve it, or live with it.

Isn’t it so?! What do you think?


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