On the little things of my day.

“Bubbles, bubbles, bubbles…!! I simply couldn’t take my eyes off them. Pretty and enclosing in them a riot of colours, it was a sight for the busy city to see.”

Ah yes, I guess that will pretty much sum up my frisky evening. Unwinding the events that lead on…

One of the perks of being on 48 hours continuous call duty, ( Oh yes, I am pretty much zonked out at the end of it !!) is that, it’s followed by a blissful 48 hours  off-call; which means 2 days of no hospitals, no ward work and no out-patient hours. I am officially out of the hospital zone !! Well, maybe I could christen today as, “Baby’s day out”. Nah, I am out of the baby-walker !!

It was the one day minus the planner, the daily read, the notes…frankly, I could say that I was literally jobless. So tuning back to the events of the morning, it was a sleep in-day, followed by spring cleaning. I guess, that is the stat thing on the to-do list of every working woman, even the work-from-home ladies. And yes, I had to catch up on my missed soaps ( recorded versions of course !!) and the mail to sit and read, not just zoom by. Then finally I had time to sit on. It’s quite a rarity for that to happen. Afternoon was again “my me” time, idling away lost in the music and the soaps, and then the daily wandering hour happened a.k.a my walking hour.

Let me take you down to the beach. Since it’s pretty much a 30 minute drive to get here, it’s a sin not to stop by along my walk.  It was a perfect day to idle around there and see the waves wash up. On a philosophical bend, the waves pretty much have the element of surprise and fear springing in them. Their course is un-chartered and they simply tune their forms to the elements present at the moment. And that’s what makes them worth the while to just laze around and watch them in action.

Then, further along I took the route to the heart of the town, to where ” the happening ” was on. The Cultural fest was on. So far I had gone for only one event in this month-long fest ( Yeah, I know I missed the rest of them !!), namely the Contemporary Music Show . One of the best things about the Fest is the innumerable stalls that are lined on the grounds. They open up at noon and oh my, forget about going back home for lunch. Coming back to the cultural view, I got pretty much lost in deciding what event to book for next. The Fest runs till the end of first week of December. I settled for Avial’s Show. Let’s hear the music at this end.

On figuring out the program schedule , is when I bumped into a colleague of mine. (It’s a small world after all!!) And with her kids and all, we hit the stall for bubbles. Ah yes, that’s where I get to the bubbles. The last time I blew soap bubbles was when I was in middle grade school. It was fun and awesome to see them go up and up in the air and then go ping !! It was a heated race for the coveted, who blew the biggest bubble ? and whose bubble traveled the most (before it got pinged) !!

And so, I went back to that day today. Blowing bubbles was like letting go. Letting go of the colours into the air. Isn’t it interesting that mere soapy water and air can give rise to something so beautiful and pretty ?!!

Maybe John Webster knew what it was like, for “In all our quest for greatness, whose pastime is their care, we follow after bubbles, blown in the air.” Sometimes, greatness really lies in what we give importance to ? In what we define or mean by “great”. And every great person needs a day of childishness and fun time to get back to the daily grind.

So with M’ and her entire troop of a little nine-year old imp and a three-year old with an elfin grin, my evening is going to turn out to be a really frisky one indeed. With the adventure park and the lake in sight, off we all went. I guess, it’s time to explore the local town and it’s flavor.

So, when will you blow the bubbles? When was the last time you put the planner down and just let the day take care of itself? Tell me about your fun day…




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