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The water in the net.

Sigh !! If there is one thing that I wished I knew before hand, was that December would end in a crazy manner. The past few days have been busy with shopping and travel.

Yeah, I know that December is always a busy month. Yet, most of the time, December has been with friends or with family. But put both together and hey the days just flew by. As for now, I am mainly catching up with the past, my high school friends and distant family.

While on the drive last weekend, I got to see the nets by the creek. And that’s when I thought of the fishing net and the incident that happened in the mid-June this year.

So here is something that I wish to share.

Have you ever tried to collect water in a fishing net ? Is it possible or does it sound simply impossible ? 

Maybe it’s not so. Yes, water will go through the net, but river water has sand particles too. Once when the sand clogs the net, then the water will stay in. 

Well, it was a bet placed by my cousin if, it was feasible to collect water in a fish net. Hmm….so I guess it’s possible, if you just think and then, give it a try.

Interesting….!!! And here is a beautiful sight that is seen often around Fort Kochi, in Kerala, a 5 hour drive from my work place.

So are there any new year pranks up your sleeve ?

What plans are in store for the holidays ? Do share your stories of fun , frolic and adventure ?!!


Getting started on the Big List !!

With all the Xmas preparations going on full swing, it’s been crazy here!! Days of shopping and movies, family get-together’s and barbecues, and lots and lots of eggnog and wine, plus cookies and cakes ( I had hidden the bathroom scales, first thing when I got home !!). Unfortunately, my blog had taken a back-seat ; so much for thinking that Xmas may not be so busy !!

Anyways, it’s Boxing Day today, and so far; most of us at home are still in the post Xmas hangover stage. And so far it’s been quiet and the kids are still in the not-naughty-mode, so there’s time to mull over for now.

So now the next big task comes – something that is always decided on after hours, na make it days of thinking and re-thinking; a pretty grueling task indeed. Needless to say, I am not the only one has that hideous task to do. Like this year for instance, I has finished the primary part of starting on it, but I never got beyond serializing ( a.k.a writing in serial order) it !!

Ah yes, the RESOLUTIONS !! I admit 2011 has seen everything happen but my resolutions !! Maybe it’s some kind of disorder I have, not being able to even cross off even one-off the list !!

So ultimate question for 2012, resolutions to do or not to ?!! Or maybe I’ll do my sister’s trick, make a list of not-to-do’s , so that they then become the to-do’s. Wishful thinking I guess !!

Looking it at a more oblique aspect, resolutions=change; change= confusion; and most of the time, confusion=crisis. So I kind of agree with Calvin on this one.

But hey, doesn’t New Year sound a bit incomplete minus the resolutions bit ?!! Let me see, five days to figure it out, so I guess, there’s still time to get started.

So how was your Xmas celebrations ? Any start on the 2012 resolutions yet ? Or if I may ask the big question, was the 2011 resolutions a success ( don’t ask me, I didn’t even get to cross off the first one, off the list !!) ?



At the home front….

With Xmas round the corner, it’s no wonder that the days just flew by, plus a week without the internet and my laptop !! A week of Xmas preparations and parties at the hospital, though I did get an early surprise – my annual leave was granted and the flight tickets came right on time !!

Yes, after two years, Xmas is finally at with my parents, siblings and cousins crashing over. So now there would lots and lots of sleeping in, shopping, baking and more to do….any thing but work ; and just once I really welcome the no-work bit ( finally I guess I could call it as vacations with a capital V !!)

Though, right now, I’m definitely not on alert mode !! With the travelling and the time lag, my biological clock hours need to be re-set and that’s one thing that really takes time. 

So more from the home front, once when sleep looses its hold on my hay-wired mind… time to cozy in !!

And then baking for starts…mmmm. lots to-do.


Today – to deck the halls !!

It’s been nearly two weeks into the Advent month. Funny how time flies!! It feels just like the other day, when I was marking the days off August waiting for autumn to start.

Now that it’s December, the Advent month; the boxes have to be tackled from the attic and up goes the tree. For me this time round it’s a pretty late start, (really late!! ), considering the fact in my years so far, post- Thanksgiving, up goes the tree!! Forget about waiting for Black Friday to go by.

So far the only feat accomplished is the procrastination bit. That is, the plans for the gifts to buy, the baking, the decors and the shopping. Though this year round, I have to start the hunt for the best bargains – new place, new shopping routes, new markets!!

Looking deeper into the Advent month, each year there was something special to do; as in a selfless act. It goes beyond soup kitchens and organizing x’mas celebrations and gifts in old age homes, orphanages and the so on. Last year, was the last year of university, during internship. So it was mostly of organizing the play and the choir with the proceeds going for the poor patient funds.

Though the year before last , it was a different X’mas project. Most of us in the neighborhood had pooled in for a fund-raiser, at the local network and at the church for the orphanage and their school. Besides organizing the gifts and the new furniture for the orphanage, we had to take classes for the kids in elementary subjects. In a way, there was lot of learning to be done; learning about life, friends and the gift of being selfless. True, we may not meet the little kids again, but little actions leave their impression.

So this year, the hospital had decided to take one of our projects to the streets. There are scores of road traffic accidents in India and in many of them, children are the worst affected. Whether it is a cause of road-rage or rash driving, the consequences still stay on even after they get discharged from the hospital. Some children have lost their homes and parents, and shuttled to and fro from their relatives’ home. Some become physically challenged.  Some of them have their homes, parents; yet they still haven’t lost terror hasn’t lost its grip. Life comes to a stand-still and everyday day is like another hurdle to cross.

In Horeb, that’s the name of the place where I stay, last week we had started a small community mainly dealing with post-trauma victims especially road-traffic accidents. So this X’mas, we plan to help them getting their lives back on track, (rehabilitation is a really long word to say it !!). It goes more beyond the psychological help; we need a lot of social help. A lot of them become physically challenged and especially for children, their world had turned upside down.

And so that’s how time flew for me in the past two weeks. So far, phase one i.e. persuading them to join the community, attend the meetings and be a part of the bigger family is underway. The next phase is to rope in the families of the victims to attend the sessions and become a part of the community. After all, each one really needs to know and understand that they are not alone. Then next, coming to the social and economical ventures; plans are still being formulated as to how to go about it. I hope that this project works out, and that there would be a lot of smiles at the end of the year, next year in fact.

Changing tracks and coming over to the busy and hectic part of X’mas, i.e. the arrangements and settings for the parties, the family gatherings and the baking are under full swing. (Need to hide the weighing scales first!!) And then, what’s left to do? Loads, for starters; considering the amount of cleaning up to be done; I’m going to be up and in my knees for hours from now. Two days of off-duty and it’s going to be Oh yes, “deck the halls with boughs of” 

So what’s your festive season like so far? Has there been any progress on the planning? (Don’t ask me, I haven’t started out yet on the home-front!!) Do you have any end-of-the-year or X’mas projects planned or on-going?