Getting started on the Big List !!

With all the Xmas preparations going on full swing, it’s been crazy here!! Days of shopping and movies, family get-together’s and barbecues, and lots and lots of eggnog and wine, plus cookies and cakes ( I had hidden the bathroom scales, first thing when I got home !!). Unfortunately, my blog had taken a back-seat ; so much for thinking that Xmas may not be so busy !!

Anyways, it’s Boxing Day today, and so far; most of us at home are still in the post Xmas hangover stage. And so far it’s been quiet and the kids are still in the not-naughty-mode, so there’s time to mull over for now.

So now the next big task comes – something that is always decided on after hours, na make it days of thinking and re-thinking; a pretty grueling task indeed. Needless to say, I am not the only one has that hideous task to do. Like this year for instance, I has finished the primary part of starting on it, but I never got beyond serializing ( a.k.a writing in serial order) it !!

Ah yes, the RESOLUTIONS !! I admit 2011 has seen everything happen but my resolutions !! Maybe it’s some kind of disorder I have, not being able to even cross off even one-off the list !!

So ultimate question for 2012, resolutions to do or not to ?!! Or maybe I’ll do my sister’s trick, make a list of not-to-do’s , so that they then become the to-do’s. Wishful thinking I guess !!

Looking it at a more oblique aspect, resolutions=change; change= confusion; and most of the time, confusion=crisis. So I kind of agree with Calvin on this one.

But hey, doesn’t New Year sound a bit incomplete minus the resolutions bit ?!! Let me see, five days to figure it out, so I guess, there’s still time to get started.

So how was your Xmas celebrations ? Any start on the 2012 resolutions yet ? Or if I may ask the big question, was the 2011 resolutions a success ( don’t ask me, I didn’t even get to cross off the first one, off the list !!) ?




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