The water in the net.

Sigh !! If there is one thing that I wished I knew before hand, was that December would end in a crazy manner. The past few days have been busy with shopping and travel.

Yeah, I know that December is always a busy month. Yet, most of the time, December has been with friends or with family. But put both together and hey the days just flew by. As for now, I am mainly catching up with the past, my high school friends and distant family.

While on the drive last weekend, I got to see the nets by the creek. And that’s when I thought of the fishing net and the incident that happened in the mid-June this year.

So here is something that I wish to share.

Have you ever tried to collect water in a fishing net ? Is it possible or does it sound simply impossible ? 

Maybe it’s not so. Yes, water will go through the net, but river water has sand particles too. Once when the sand clogs the net, then the water will stay in. 

Well, it was a bet placed by my cousin if, it was feasible to collect water in a fish net. Hmm….so I guess it’s possible, if you just think and then, give it a try.

Interesting….!!! And here is a beautiful sight that is seen often around Fort Kochi, in Kerala, a 5 hour drive from my work place.

So are there any new year pranks up your sleeve ?

What plans are in store for the holidays ? Do share your stories of fun , frolic and adventure ?!!


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