Re-connecting the old strings….

With the messy wind about and the cold waves of the evening sending jitters across the room (no snow here !!), I am now holed up in my quarters and what better time is it than now to open my first email id !! 

My first email id, i.e. the first one I had made was when I was in high school. When I entered college, ids like cool_gal007@…., dragon_slayer@, silverlight_remy@…. and the list goes on…sounded slightly over-rated but come uni, no way I was going to pen down that email id along with my contact address. And so out went the old, and in came the new one.

So today evening, I tried to open my first email id. (Nope, I never deleted it, somehow never felt like doing it and with my constant moving around, that was my contact id for the high school gangs not really needed now, ever since Facebook and Twitter had arrived!!) 

Maybe it’s just my innate curiosity about  what’s in store. Anyways, after loads of permutations and combinations, I finally unlocked that huge old box, and there were a lot of emails ( minus the spam !!) to read through. And here is a poster linked from one of the emails, that I would like to share….

I can’t exactly figure out what it is, that drew me to this poster. The sender is one of my friends whom I was pretty close to in senior high, but once when I changed schools, the connection just rusted out. And now, there lies an email from her.

Thinking back, through the previous years, there were many people with whom I have interacted with; with some – just for a few minutes or so; with some – for days while on my duty hours and with some only – through the fast-paced means of communication. Yet among all, there were a few of them, with whom I could open the bottle and let loose the train of thoughts, whether it be through the long distance calls or the rampant flurry of emails. And honestly speaking, those kind of friends are really rare.

So for me, it’s time to re-connect the old strings and set the new strings in place. After all, honest opinions, sound thoughts and true listener’s are rare to come by. So if I get back one of my old pals, no way I’m going to sit still and watch Time as it goes by. I need to re-connect and set the new string in my life.

Have you ever gone back and tried to contact an old pal of yours ? What is it like to see an email from a long-lost friend ?


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