The tryst between Love and Life.

“Is it always like this?” she asked me. 

Frankly speaking, I don’t know, because I have not yet reached that point. The point where both ought to go hand in hand, though most often it doesn’t. And when it does, it happens only once in a lifetime, so they say. 

Ah yes, I’m sure even though the readers may be confused at the turn of events, and so here it goes. Besides the chaos of work, I was witness to a change in my friend and colleague’s life “the end or is it a new beginning of a new story….? to Love and Life.

Love and Life.

Two words that can make anyone go crazy and act in a darned funny manner.

Two words that have the power to make the day and night go topsy-turvy.

Two emotions that can result in a sudden phase of “trichotillomania” or can make a Shakespeare out of you. And that’s the story of life and love.

What happen’s to Life when Love is lost ? What happens to Love when Life is lost ? 

Nothing happens at first, she says. You just wander around hoping for answers and in the end, when you are left with none to answer, you move on. It’s just like what Gaiman says.

And then she says, “After a while you hope and pray that one day Love will find you again. And then, yes you will have Love and Life both with you.”


It’s at this point that I would like to share what my best-friend once told me. Love is like catching a feather. It flies round and around, tagged by the breeze and swayed by the wind. It rest in between and then goes back into motion. Though finally, it reaches a place where it wants to stay. And no matter how strong a breeze comes, it doesn’t wish to fly any more. And that is Love. And after it reaches the final place, that’s when Life begins a new page.

And what is my final say on Love and Life. To just follow the music and write your own lyrics…

So what is you say on Love and Life ? Was there ever a point in your journey when you felt that they were both non-negotiable ?


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One response to “The tryst between Love and Life.

  • Awaneesh

    Love is precious , we ought to preserve it with greatest care and affection but our best efforts don’t insure that our loved one is meant to be ours, the almighty has his script for the melodrama of everyone’s life , the protagonist may come across a thousand faces ,the one which is there to stay , is hard to find. also life doesn’t end with love, life goes on so that you may fall in love again and discover the true beauty and piousness of love. its essential, it’s vicious, its pure and serene .. love is everything. though it might cease to amaze you by leaving you with nothing… stay blessed .

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