To let them go….

Change is one of the hardest things that can happen. True, no matter how good the change is for us, personally speaking I still hate it when something new, out of the ordinary, crops up.

To change and to let go.

Interestingly, it’s not about opportunities that I want to focus on here, but about relationships. Sometimes, when we know that’s it’s really over; we try so hard not to acknowledge it. Most of the time, I turn a blind eye to it; though common sense screams to face it and to get it over with and then to move on.

Let them go. This was in one of the email attachments, forwarded to my inbox a few days ago.

You may wonder why did I post it here ? It’s because I strongly feel that the words echoed by this poster is true. Isn’t it so ?

Isn’t it true that we try so hard not to let go, even though deep down, we know that it’s inevitable ?

Isn’t it true that we so desperately try to cling to the good times, the better memories and hope, that those days shall come again; though deep down we know that it’s all over ?

Isn’t it true, that the hardest part is not just letting them go, but letting go of the memories and most of all, accepting that it’s over and then trying to move on ?


All I can say for now, is that it’s time to move on.

It’s time to start over and find a new path.

It’s time to start a fresh page.

It’s time.


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8 responses to “To let them go….

  • cestlavie22

    Such a hard post for me to read…for so many reasons…but maybe you are right…maybe its time…

  • Ivy Blaise

    So true. So very very true.

  • A

    hmmm..yup true..but ppl who have departed physically temporarily but with the actual concern about the ones u love…for whom u think about…wt u say??

  • A

    i mean wat u say abt them?? …

    • ....the little thread of thoughts

      You mean about people who you may not be able to see in person but can always talk to them ( thanks to the modern technology !!); yes they are the ones who one can’t let go. What I want to say is about people whom you try so hard to build a relationship with but in the end, you end up lowering your self-esteem, morale and persona. That is when I feel it’s time to let them go. To let them go forever, out of your life…

  • Amaris Auslender

    I Am Sorry
    Babylove, I’m sorry about our past
    But I’m changing to make us last
    I’m sorry for the names you were called
    To see that look on your face, my life was stalled
    I’m sorry for not treating you with respect
    Don’t worry, there won’t be anymore neglect
    I’m sorry for the lies and being so fake
    I will show you my true love, will you please take?
    I’m sorry for not being there
    From this day on, I will show you I care
    I’m sorry for not being me
    My real self, you soon will see
    I’m sorry for not being the woman
    Since I woke up, now I know I can
    I’m sorry for causing all your tears
    Don’t worry, I’m here to wash away your fears
    I’m sorry for the awful conversations
    For now on, only sweet vibrations
    Babylove, I’m sorry for putting you through hell
    I’m glad, I finally tripped and fell
    I’m sorry for not putting you on top
    The way I acted will be put to a stop
    I’m sorry for everything, don’t push me away
    Please forgive me, your heart is the place I want to stay.

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