Good ol’ Kodak snaps – now ancient ?!!

As I was sitting in the early noon sun, pouring over the photos in my collection of family and pre-univ days; a sense of nostalgia came over.

The feel of the plastic of different size and shapes, running over the outline of people, the first days, the baby steps, the family get-together and many more; seeing the on-the-spot photography in hard print – brings back fond memories and yes, they all remind me of the good ol’ pre-digital days.

It’s not that I am at war with the digital era, it’s kind of a necessity these days (but not a compulsion !!). Photos get shared globally, better clarity and not to forget, the huge amount of editing and re-editing that can be done. Yet something that I feel is real lacking is that, no one can feel the digital pictures. I mean, I look at the jpg image, and then yes I remember the day, the time and what had happened. But no laptop and no cell phone, I won’t get to the pictures. Instead give me a hard copy, and then I can treasure, put it up on my wall, carry it where ever I go. I don’t necessarily need my laptop or cell phone with me then. Just imagine what happens when they run out of charge, virus-ed, hacked or even worse, lost. All contacts and photos…wiped out, lost !! Yikes !!

Maybe the best way is to get an assortment of my favorite digital snaps on hard copy, and that way I can have my memories by the fire in the woods.

Speaking of which, Kodak moments do live on. Even though camera films have become vintage, I guess  I’ll still use them occasionally, just for fun.


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