Mulling over the circumstances.

Pitter – patter !! With the slosh of mud and wide array of puddles grazing the front lawn, I guess that’s the start of the spring rains. It’s been raining like crazy since last night. A sure sign of the fresh grass and the end of the icy, cold and foggy mornings ( unfortunately, it doesn’t snow here and I miss that white blanket !!)

So here I am, just sitting around and pondering. For starters, it’s been a while since I sat down to do nothing; and I’m really liking this.

And in addition, getting the chance to enjoy the rain and freshen up inside, makes the weekend worth it; even if it means no outside parties or late town-nights.

And so over a cup of hot chocolate, here are the outcomes of the neuronal network in my grey matter at work…

One of the major characteristics of human attitude, is how we try to explain ourselves; whether it be for our rights or our wrongs. Surprisingly, even if we know that we are on the wrong side; it’s rather difficult for us to accept that we are on the wrong track and to change lanes.This is something that I have seen both, on the personal front-lines and even at work.

It’s so easy to say, that it’s not my fault, blame it on my up-bringing…

Or to say, it isn’t my fault that I wasn’t given a chance. My circumstances made me this way…

Isn’t it so easy to blame someone or many a time, a situation for making u do something that we would later regret ?!! Is it so hard to accept and realize what had gone wrong was in our hands and not in someone else’s ? Is it so difficult to turn around our circumstances to our favor ?

But one thing that I do believe, it all starts within. It all depends on us, our dreams and attitude. In the end, that’s what defines us and our life.

Isn’t it true, that ultimately, it’s up to you to determine the course. Circumstances are there. They may change you or bring about a string of life-events which have an impact. But they never define you, it’s how you handle them that defines you.

So it’s finally time to determine the course, with or without the favor of circumstances.

The days of lemons and lemonades are over, it’s time for lemon pies !!!


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