So far, a lil’ bit of fun…

Phew !! Can’t believe it’s past mid-March day already. With the current fiasco of events, I guess the change of colours was one of the last things on my mind. Well, time to rectify it. Here comes the spring in its full glory….

One of the main festivals in India was celebrated over the last week. The festival wherein a riot of colours are thrown, even at the unsuspecting passers-by (that’s the fun….the festival spirit!!); to mark the beginning of basant i.e. spring and it marks the love and brotherhood ( and sisterhood !!) of the season. And so we all said hello to “vibgyor” !!

If there is one thing that is welcome before the hot dry days set in, is the rain. Yes, it’s been the fresh spring rains here, more of a drizzle actually. Quite pleasant compared to the downpour of the monsoons.

Well that was quite a bit of the weather talk…Can’t avoid mentioning it, especially after hours were spent cleaning up the colours !!

On a different track, with my experiments in the kitchen ongoing; I have so far managed to bake a batch of biscuits, a little crumbly but home-made.

And yes, currently I have taken up karate, on full swing. (I gave a miss on yoga; somehow I can’t imagine myself sitting down for long!!) Due to the hectic work schedule (as always, nothing new in that!!), I have been allotted my own instructor and shorter training hours (did I mention about the privileges which goes with the job!!)

It feels nice to get rid of all the stress, even though the sessions are only twice a week. Earlier I used to take up walking, but hey breaking a board and throwing someone down sounds more destructive and more fun!! On a second thought, I could do with a little bit of self-defense. It’s not Goldilocks’ land anymore; these days one can’t even afford to open their doors to a salesman (sorry guys, better safe than sorry!!). Anyways, since I have just started with the training, I must say there is more to karate than just self-defense. Goes for all the martial arts too, I guess. (Need to ponder over that bit…)

Changing tracks again, I guess it’s time to wind up for this evening. Not before, you pour over this story…

and yes, to wind with the last say, Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!

That’s all for now I guess, need to do some thought-gathering….


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