It’s not always worth it, on the other side…

These are a few of the snippets of a conversation with one of my friends who had called earlier today evening.

” Don’t you think it would be better if I just quit this job and migrate and find another ?”

– Why? What brought on that idea all of a sudden. Last week you sounded like you were having a blast.

” Maybe it’s just getting too boring…time to change ?

– Whoa !! Hang on a sec. You just started at this new firm last month. Change already ? What’s the real reason ?

” Just like that..

– Somehow I refuse to believe that.

” Well I just spoke to D on Facebook. You remember her. We went to college together. She just migrated to Aussie land last month and she’s got an awesome job. You won’t believe the perks and the pay too !!

J think twice. It’s your second job in six months. What’s with all the flitting by. True that there is always something better with everything, but hey you have to be steady sometimes, to enjoy the benefits and be satisfied. Why do you keep running to the other side ? It’s not always as pretty as it looks.

K, I don’t know. Somehow the other side always sounds more enchanting. I guess I’m just ….

Well, this is not a new situation. I had these same feelings while doing summer jobs. I would end up with one, see how the other was having a blast and needless to say, I switched but believe me, it was never worth it. Today with the complexity of modern life, getting to do something that you like is a blessing.

But once the evil head of comparisons and the thoughts of “isn’t better there” start to arise, what you like suddenly doesn’t seem so worth it any more.

Is it worth throwing a best chance and hopelessly start hunting for another ? To chase our dreams is what makes our life worth it. I would say to walk on and find another chance, if you have a plan or even if, an opportunity or an idea is slowly unfolding. Though, just because someone is better somewhere else, doesn’t equate the belief  that life would be bright or even as what it was on the other side.

They say that, “the grass looks greener on the other side”. But what they don’t say is that, the other side could be a mirage especially if you have the ingrown habit of looking over the fence, instead of looking what lies within your fields.

What will happen when the other side was actually a mirage or simply spray painted green ? What happens when the other side starts to wilt, just because you didn’t water your fields there ? What happens when the grass is actually slushy mud on the other side ?

The one thing to know is that, once you are on the other side it may be difficult to climb over the fence and re-enter your fields. (Unlike, the felines we don’t have nine lives..right ?!)

Instead, find your feet where they are and get them firmly on the ground, water the fields and explore your land and find the beauty and happiness therein. Few facts that life glaringly shows us, is that we always take the good things for granted. It’s only when they are snatched away, we realize that we have been given the best gifts in life. We may cross the fence based with “a green eye” and lots of dreams with no plans, then it may be too late to turn back.

Besides, the sun may shine brighter on the other side of the fence and the grass the best of the green, but let it not scorch you. Sunburns are pretty nasty.




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