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Uh oh !! Meal time ! Not that green stuff again…

“Oh no, what’s that gooey thing? Do I have to eat that?!” whines my five year old neice, Jo

-“Yep, you do. That or no supper, no t.v., straight to bed”, was the reply.

“You know, I could have an allergic reaction to all that stuff. Who knows, nothing is organic these days,” remarks a very “mature” 13 year old Julie.

-“Its okay.I have very good, tried and tested remedies for allergies. It’ll work for you, too.” Wow, allergies, what next, I wonder. Got to appreciate the creativity though. Never thought of that one.

“Besides, we could have all nutrients through your ‘nasty, vile tasting prescriptions’ (up went my eyebrows!!); they both taste the same,” says a very belligerent 3 year old Ash.

-“Now, since they both taste the same, have this instead.” Wonderful, I have not yet lost my sense of sarcasm.

Oh don’t get it wrong, I am not a terrible cook. I am just having toddler-trouble. Well, here I am, with my three wonderful neices and nephews. And this is supper time. Ask me where my brother and his wife, as well as my sister and my most amazing bro-in-law disappeared off to. To a far way, on their adventures to explore this part of the world . (Forget chasing them!!)  If life could get any better, it would have. I love my three imps, but try making them eat anything that closely resembles the edible variety of the plant kingdom, up goes their noses, shoving of plates and the most-dreaded whining starts. I think it’s something to do with being a toddler, I guess. Come adulthood, or even late-teens; yikes, can’t gain any weight (for us girls) and got to build the muscles (that one is for you, guys). And the greens somehow become edible then.

When I worked in the Paediatric wing, almost all the parents, I came across were complaining , “They just won’t eat veggies or even milk. Do you think there is any tonic, which builds their appetite?” Well, sorry, I do understand your problem, but no tonic is there like that. They’ll get their vitamins through the syrup but, appetite-stimulants at this age, hopefully avoid.

It’s not like they are on starvation mode. If lil’ Jo spots her fav’ crisps, or anything with cream, fries…hey she’s hungry. Once in a while, when she gets the mood, she’ll have her fruits. Blame the current scenario of the food industry for eating problems of the toddlers. It’s high time that McD’s, KFC, Burger King issues a statutory warning on the packaging of their products saying, “Too much intake leads to obesity”. Same goes for all the crisps packets, coke and all the other “junk” stuff. And as for in schools, they say they would regulate the lunch menu, but that’s more like straightening the tail of a lil’ piglet. All talk and changes that last for less than a month.

Growing up, Mom had a way with the veggies. If anyone thought that I was any different; nope, I was a toddler to the core. Mom resorted to trickery to make me eat my veggies. She would make chicken salad, but I swear there were more veggies in it than meat. Same goes for the sandwiches and the desserts, more frosted fruits than cream. And the neat trick, of placing cut veggies on the dining table. We usually ended popping a bite and before supper, the bowl would be empty.

Well sneaky or not, we got our veggies in; thanks to mom. But, at present ‘m stuck with these imps. So far, we made a deal. Eat your veggies and we get to sleepover on the terrace, like a “mini-camp”. For this time, it worked. Need some tricks up my sleeve.  Think I have to make a long-distance call to Mom for help and inspiration. Till then, I may have to declare war with the imps regarding their meals. Dang it, I need another alternative. Is there any trick that works ?!!


Fettucine alfredo anyone ?!

It’s officially midnight and my stomach is driving me nuts !!!! The options were few; takeout – na don’t wanna get out and I am tired of all that chips and cookies. Where did that packet go ? I do remember getting some five of them !!! There is cheese though !! Alright, time for some midnight cooking ! Fettucine alfredo anyone ?! Or at least it’s variant.

The fastest dish for me to make, considering the fact that I permanently short of time !!! M not kidding. Does the name sound so elaborate !! We all make it on a regular basis- macaroni and cheese !!! It’s the one of the best comfort food in the world- next to coffee and chocolate.

Well, the name above may sound unfamiliar but this is how it started out. These days, macaroni is in different shapes: I personally like the coiled up one. The simply cool thing about this combo is that it can be made in a sec. Especially with the premade mac & cheese packets. For all those nutritious folks out there; make it the macroni, top it with all those veggies and low-fat cheese- voila !! Caution: don’t expect it to taste the same as the “non-nutritionally compromised” ones.

A fav’  food; it can be easily changed or blended according to our personal requirements. Experimenting with Mac and cheese is fun !! And each time, no matter what the ingredients of experimentation are, it is palatable unless the mac gets burnt. So even the amateurs or non-kitchen friendly folks don’t have to eat out every night or stick to canteen meals. The best part, it is less messy, less fussy, a quick meal and can be both elaborate and simple.

Thank god, that this little  “packaged” invention has saved us hungry souls !! So got to get that midnight snack ready now !!

P.S. This was posted post-hunger pangs !!

Pills are not your answer..

With the newer fashion trends, seems like all the tastes are feasible for a person of size zero. Add to that, the media hype, the socialscenario and half of the world being overweight or obese, proper diet seems to have lost its value.

The latest art- “pill popping” is catching up fast. Multivitamins, B complex, calcium, Vitamin E, spirullina tablets, Vitamin A tablets, iron tablets…You name it, and then pop the pill. All these capsules and tablets are not the answer to the body. Half of these pills are not taken in the right manner. It’s not about how you take them, but about the regimes. Iron tablets have to be ideally taken between meals, and not with tea or coffee, and absolutely no phytates. Anyways, that is not what I want to bring to light here, but the fact that what had happened to the good ol’ mealtimes. All the daily nutrients are in there. In moderation, any diet can give you the minimum nutrients that you need.

All of these multivitamins and minerals, are found in the day-to-day foods. So these many pills are not to be taken. In fact, overdose can easily cause as many complications as being deficient of them. Most of these are not absorbed wholly. Allow, nature to take its course. Medical science dictated that only certain people need to take them, and let your GP’s decide that. Self prescription is not a wise idea.

Besides, food contains many more constituents, which can’t be substituted, like anti-oxidants, beta – carotenes and so on. Things that won’t be found in the variety of capsules, powders or pills marketed around.

The situation is different for expecting mothers, elderly, babies…As for children, a healthy diet is sufficient enough ( cod liver oil tastes yuck !!!). The whole point is having one piece of bread and popping the pills is not a good way of living. Not to mention the amount of finances going into this venture in the long run.  Take your time and have a proper bite ( Nope not the fast food or whatever is within reach!!!).

So do think twice before you pop over the next multivitamin pill ? Do you really need it ?!

A la chocolat !!

Alright, how many of you can ever say no to chocolate…any hands raised up?!! None, i guess.Its the world’s best and the most scrumptious delight. Old or young, busy or jobless, there is always time for a dose of chocolate, melted or in blocks, bites or spread, cakes, pudding, biscuits, cookies..any form you name it!!!

The happy moments, patch up moments, celebration, reminders of home….

“What is the meaning of life? All evidence to date suggests it’s chocolate.Check out any of the surveys, you ll know what I am talking about!!!Put “eat chocolate” at the top of your list of things to do today. That way, at least you’ll get one thing done.”

Momma always said life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get. – Forrest Gump

All of us diabetic, chocolate in moderation is alright. Not to mention that it is go0d for the heart as well. Besides elevating the mood and reducing the stress…not a bad comfort food actually.

So what are you waiting for, have a bite of that rich dark melting simply wonderful chocolate…the first on the list of the world’s best comfort foods!!!!

Cookies and Milk…..

It’s around midnight, and the hunger pangs began. Rummaging through my dorm, I came up with the world’s best combination of comfort food– cookies and milk.. Guess my luck didn’t run out, after all !!! This was and still is one of my fav foods. The best mood changer ever. Dunno, what’s so cool about, but it does soothe my mood to the more “happier” times….

There is something about the way the different cookies come out, the shapes, colours, and the various combos….you can take your own pick and never get disappointed.  School times, sleep overs, “family bakes” and growing up, all these memories are embedded in the cookies.

“Think what a better world it would be if we all, the whole world, had cookies and milk about three o’clock every afternoon and then lay down on our blankets for a nap. – Barbara Jordan

Personally, I kind of agree …somehow life seems like “all these cookie times”. You get to taste the different varieties of cookies- the simply scrumplicious and delicious ones…yummy !!!!, the crunchy ones, buttery ones, weird ones….But the flavour is yours to choose!!!! You get to make “your own” right combo. The awesome part is that it goes in every season – ‘xmas, exam times, parties, tea breaks, lover’s corner….May be life ain’t so hopeless as it looks….!!!!

An ode to a cup of …..

Ever experience the feeling of being new to town, need a place to hang out….

Bored of working at home all day, need a scene change…

Stuck for ideas, messed up and need inspiration…

Need time out with your gang or partner….

Well, lets take a walk around the corner, ah! there it is- the coffee shop, that where i am headed. ( Not at home to make my own cuppa today!!) There’s something relaxing about sitting down with a cup of coffee ( its tea for all you tea lovers out there !!!) .and watching people milling about you. The aroma and the general ambiance.. whether it’s in the open air or the interior of a cafe’ …It feels like i can write a story while sitting, the different people i see – some pouring over the newspaper, others(like me !) typing over their laptops, each one of us with a different tale. Most of us, prefer it as a hangout place after work, during college hours, lover’s zone. Or even in between work, if a couple of minutes can be squeezed out.

Some people grab out for a cappuccino, mochas or the regular brewed coffee variety. If I start my day, without a  cup of coffee, somehow there’s something missing about it. The whole point is i can take a break from the daily chaos- more of a breathing moment. And the best thing is that all that coffee and tea drinking during mid life is supposed to help in preventing dementia.

If i am too short of time, or can’t leave home or my workplace – there’s nothing better than brewing my own cup of coffee. It gives you the time-out i  need, and the refocusing to get back on track.

Not to mention the number of ideas that can be inspired from a cup of coffee, the scripts getting ready for the publishers, a scriptwriters’ turning point for the movie, in between meetings, for the brain storming sessions.It all seems like an Edison moment..with our gray bulbs firing away through out the neural network.

Somehow, our daily lives seem like that, like a cup of coffee, depends on how we wanna have it, cold or hot, edgy or sweet, fast or slow,traditional or in the modern way….Enjoying a cup of coffee is an art in itself, allowing us to appreciate it in our fullest sense. So the next time you feel frustrated, stressed out , tired out,  take a break….and grab a seat, as well as a cup of coffee !! 🙂