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For you…from yours truly

One hour later, it would be one month down. Somehow, it feels like a long time ago, that I was caught up in the frenzy of the New Year celebrations.

Truth to tell, I feel kind of more “off the track” of late. I do feel happy and content in my surroundings but also (sigh!) a little bit restless.

Wonder why.

Flipping through the channels, (yes, I am finally sitting in front of the big screen!!) one thought that keeps on nagging my conscience is; its 2013 and you’re growing in no way younger; so what have you done so far? What have you promised to yourself?

Promise?!  To myself?! You’ve got to be kidding!!

Why? You have to give an assurance to yourself over something? Or are you not important to promise yourself something?!

No it’s not that; it’s just that there’s nothing much to promise myself. I have already made a list of resolutions.

No, I’m talking about “promise”. To give yourself what you really want. To take an undertaking or vow only for yourself.

I already have more blessings than I can count. So what do I want more?

Are your blessings making you too set in life? What about making those blessings into talents ? What about your dreams? Your dream to make a difference…

….. That’s what I am doing here….

Is that enough? Not the realistic dreams, but your dream to “live life” or are you falling into the good old comfortable routine?

We need routines and yes, I always tend to fall into one.

Then why are you restless? Or is it “dissatisfaction cloaked”? Or are you hiding from taking a chance? What happened to your “bucket list”?!!

My bucket list; there was one maybe five years ago; but no more.

Why not?

I don’t know !!

Then this what I have to say;

“We don’t have all the time in the world.

You need to live life for yourself; not selfishly but true to your inner voice and to your inner self.

A promise to; free yourself of the constraints of the day, and to just explore life.

To do what you want to do, to take chances and to make changes. 

Walk that extra mile, make a new path and if you feel like running, hike up your skirts and just run.

Yes, we do live in a society but do re-script the rules once a while; only for you to live life.

Some bridges may need to be burnt. In that case, burn them and find another way to crossover. But whatever it may be, take care not to lose your passion for life.

Just run with the wind once a while and breathe in what is there around you. 

All I am asking you, is to promise yourself to make your bucket list …

And in doing so…dream big, take small steps, jump a little, walk a new path, sail through un-chartered waters, run awhile, find life and most of all in doing so; find peace in your inner self ….

…Yours truly..


Try to catch one…

What do you do when all that comes to mind is…

“Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Never let it fade away

Catch a falling star and put it in your pocket
Save it for a rainy day”

Courtesy to my next door kid who wanted to hear Perry Como’s lines over and over again, which is what got me thinking ( which is when some would ensure that the emergency numbers are at hand !!)….And so let’s talk about stars !!!

And this brings me to the big question, what would you do when you catch one? And the even bigger one, do you believe that you would get one ?

Consequently, this is what my pessimist side said…

“Catch a falling star ?!! What nonsense !! They are just asteroid like bodies that enter the earth’s atmosphere and then burn to bits..that’s what they are, rock…dust..ashes !! Beside when they fall they create craters too, real big ones!! And at the rate you spent looking up to catch one, you would end up slipping. Don’t tell me that I didn’t warn you ahead…!! Rainy days and dust..they all become muddy. And even if it’s a star, it’s so bright that it would burn your pocket and hand. Do me a favor and quit thinking, just don’t get me started on the nonsense of believing in silly stuff !!” .…There, one part of me got quashed !!

Then steps in my ever so bright side, the thoughts of the “hardly ever-present optimist”…

“Sure stars do exist and when you get one, don’t let go. Use it and save on it but don’t waste it nor miss it. Let its light burn, so bright so that it would make a difference in your life. Life has lots of falling stars ( here, Mr. pessimist snorts !!), try to catch, all of them or at least most of them.”…Great, I’m pepped up but directionless I feel..

Finally to the rescue, my realistic thoughts crowd over;

“Falling stars are beautiful. No, that would be an under-rated, they are actually spectacular. But the beauty lies in how you use it. And that depends on your purpose. On what you seek from life. On what you define your life to be. On till where you are willing to go, even if it means as far as your journey takes you. And that starlight of what’s left is more than just for a rainy day. It’s for you to brighten it and pass the light. You may not always be able to do that, but when ever you can you must.

The best part being, to lessen your dark days with the star-dust that you have in your pocket. Most important, look up once a while for the stars but don’t forget to look ahead and behind too. Use the stars and the star light to guide you. And when you catch a falling star…smile, use it and treasure it.”….

And that is the what the most practical and realistic side of me says…

So, what do you think of “falling stars” ?! And most of all, do you believe in them ?!! What would you do with your star-dust – save it or use it, or a bit of both ?!


Finding Courage…

“There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn, and people we can’t live without but have to let go”.

This is something that I have learnt over the past one week….

 The lesson, which is the fact that; where ever we go in our lives, no matter where we are, no matter how big or small, or how distinguished we may be; one thing is true, is that we have to live courageously.

 To be willing to accept the things that have happened in our lives that we never wanted to happen….

 To learn the things in our lives we never cared to learn about…..

 And if it comes to the point where we have to let the people go in our lives that are only bringing us down, even though it “feels” different being with them…then we have to take that let them go and find ourselves back…


One thing that I have to do is to grow….

 And that happens only when I am able to let go of the person that I was, then and only then will I ever truly be able to start becoming the person that, I dream and that I know I can be.

 It takes real courage to stand up and fight for what you believe, for what is in your heart, instead of letting life dictate to you that you will be what it wants you to be. 

For always, there will always be many things in our lives that we will have trouble letting go, but “letting go” doesn’t equate with the fact that our lives are over….

 “Letting go”, I guess means that we taken a new path and in the process acquire the true spirit of life, and the silent acknowledgement that we are more ready than ever, to face and to conquer whatever lies in our path, as we travel through the roads of life. 

The lesson of courage and to brave it out; no matter how hard it may be. To stand up and face the shadows and doubts; to find a way out through the darkness and eventually getting geared up to chart a new course, if that is the only and the best option left. And ultimately, to find ourselves back again.

I still haven’t yet figured out a way to sort out the crisis from the last month. Still on the mode of contemplation and introspection, I just pray that in the end, it would all be fine. Right now, I really have to face the unpleasantness of my situation. I have to start to believe in the word which begins with the letter “C”…C for Courage…

Listening beyond the words.

Human nature, I think has a lot of stubbornness laced within. Maybe it is that adamant and stubborn of ours, that so very often we try to hide every thing, with or without us realizing it. Let me expand on something that my best friend had once shared with me.

There’s always a little truth behind every “Just Kidding” …. ( It’s true that, humor is always nice to hear..but is there an ounce of truth in what was said ? )

A little knowledge behind every “I don’t Know”…. ( For I think if I say I know, it could shatter someone else’s piece of mind…)

A little emotion behind every “I don’t care”…. ( Because I don’t want to let you know, that I care. For that makes me vulnerable…)

A little uneasiness behind every “I’m OK”….. ( The last thing I want to is to burden you with my problems. I’m an adult. I’ll handle it. At least, I’ll try to; though it hurts…)

A little pain behind every “Forget it”…. ( Forgetting is the best thing for if the crevice deepens any further, it won’t heal ever.)

A little fear behind every “Leave me alone”… ( I need to say it so, because I know I can’t have you in my life every single day and single moment. I need to face it alone. Or at least I need to try to…)

A little hope behind every “Goodbye”… ( And even when I say that, I am hoping that you would call me from behind and stay. Or even that someday, we would meet again.)

Isn’t it so true when they say that, “there’s always a ‘something’ behind every “Nothing”… 

If only we’d understand the speech behind every silence, then maybe someday we’d understand all those around us …!! And that’s when we realize the true value of friends and family; and the true value of life and love….

To let them go….

Change is one of the hardest things that can happen. True, no matter how good the change is for us, personally speaking I still hate it when something new, out of the ordinary, crops up.

To change and to let go.

Interestingly, it’s not about opportunities that I want to focus on here, but about relationships. Sometimes, when we know that’s it’s really over; we try so hard not to acknowledge it. Most of the time, I turn a blind eye to it; though common sense screams to face it and to get it over with and then to move on.

Let them go. This was in one of the email attachments, forwarded to my inbox a few days ago.

You may wonder why did I post it here ? It’s because I strongly feel that the words echoed by this poster is true. Isn’t it so ?

Isn’t it true that we try so hard not to let go, even though deep down, we know that it’s inevitable ?

Isn’t it true that we so desperately try to cling to the good times, the better memories and hope, that those days shall come again; though deep down we know that it’s all over ?

Isn’t it true, that the hardest part is not just letting them go, but letting go of the memories and most of all, accepting that it’s over and then trying to move on ?


All I can say for now, is that it’s time to move on.

It’s time to start over and find a new path.

It’s time to start a fresh page.

It’s time.

The tryst between Love and Life.

“Is it always like this?” she asked me. 

Frankly speaking, I don’t know, because I have not yet reached that point. The point where both ought to go hand in hand, though most often it doesn’t. And when it does, it happens only once in a lifetime, so they say. 

Ah yes, I’m sure even though the readers may be confused at the turn of events, and so here it goes. Besides the chaos of work, I was witness to a change in my friend and colleague’s life “the end or is it a new beginning of a new story….? to Love and Life.

Love and Life.

Two words that can make anyone go crazy and act in a darned funny manner.

Two words that have the power to make the day and night go topsy-turvy.

Two emotions that can result in a sudden phase of “trichotillomania” or can make a Shakespeare out of you. And that’s the story of life and love.

What happen’s to Life when Love is lost ? What happens to Love when Life is lost ? 

Nothing happens at first, she says. You just wander around hoping for answers and in the end, when you are left with none to answer, you move on. It’s just like what Gaiman says.

And then she says, “After a while you hope and pray that one day Love will find you again. And then, yes you will have Love and Life both with you.”


It’s at this point that I would like to share what my best-friend once told me. Love is like catching a feather. It flies round and around, tagged by the breeze and swayed by the wind. It rest in between and then goes back into motion. Though finally, it reaches a place where it wants to stay. And no matter how strong a breeze comes, it doesn’t wish to fly any more. And that is Love. And after it reaches the final place, that’s when Life begins a new page.

And what is my final say on Love and Life. To just follow the music and write your own lyrics…

So what is you say on Love and Life ? Was there ever a point in your journey when you felt that they were both non-negotiable ?

Starting over…

Looking back, maybe it’s time to say it’s all over.

Yet, the memories still are fresh.

And even though both the good and the bad parts still come to mind, it’s the latter that comes to the forefront.

Is there any point in “repairing it”? Will it be back to the normal way? Is it not going to hurt again?

I don’t know, is my only answer.

Maybe, it’s about finding myself over.

Maybe, this is about giving myself a second chance and a new lease.

Maybe it’s the start of a new page in my book.

Yet the courage to stay on, or even try to; seems far away, fading away into oblivion.

The courage to hope for a fresh beginning; I need to somehow get it back.

I know, a nudge from the roots, the better memories and the close network will eventually bring me back to life.

Yet, I need a little time.

Maybe, what I need is a gentle push, for things to get back to normalcy.

They always say, “Once bitten, twice shy.”

Yet staying in the shell won’t help.

Someday I know I have to get out and try to hope again.

I guess it’s time to stop the repairs and start over.

All  I pray is that in its due course, time would help.