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Ten years and two days ago….

In two days time, it would be ten years since the event. Even today, many have not recovered from the aftermath. It’s not only about 9/11; what about the terror of the 7/7 London attacks, the 26/11 Mumbai attacks and the recent terrorist attack, 9/7 in Delhi. In addition, there are thousands of landmines going off in Afghanistan, parts of Africa. Looking even further into the past, is it still back to normal life for the victims post Hiroshima-Nagasaki and the Pearl Harbor ?

Time and history teaches in-depth, that war is not the answer to all conflicts or issues. Yet, civilization has evolved around war, colonization and revolutions. In all, one thing was outlined; targeting innocent civilians will only trigger more unrest. Frankly speaking, the days have come wherein nothing can be predicted the next minute. What might be a normal day at the office may not end so.

Death and life, they are the two aspects of existence. At the battlefield, death is inevitable. It is feared that all may not return, but yet the hope to do the duty and come back is there. Fighting for your country or the cause is different. Giving up your life for the cause or war is your choice. But targeting innocent bystanders is not; no matter how justifiable the cause may be. The “greater good” is relevant to some, yet when you step back and look at the bigger picture it may not be so. The “greater good” is always a relative concept.  A set of rules and laws have been framed for the purpose of co-existence. Your life is in your hands, but that’s your life alone. It doesn’t give you the right to decide others.

Though what perplexes me the most is that, can you breathe in life into a statue made of sand? Can you by self, create energy or matter out of nothing, and then create someone of your liking? Can you turn millions of years of evolution into a matter of minutes with mere energy? Can you clone yourself or replicate yourself without the aid of any media or stem cells? So if you cannot create life, how can you take someone else’s life away?

Alas, even if explanations’ or remorse comes, the damage is done. It is easy to extinguish a flame, just need one blow of air, or a sudden gush of wind, but lighting it again, is possible. Human life is more than a flame, once out, many a time; even science can’t bring it back.

Someday, there would come a day when we can step out and return safe. Till then, at least we can hope….


In daily dosages…

One thing I startingly realised today around mid-noon, Internet revolution came in with a big hue and cry, and caught on real fast, but nothing can replace my daily dose. Sometimes, it’s in the mornings; though when I was on the other side of the globe, it used to be in the evenings. And some of the days, it goes beyond the usual number, with all the supplementary pages and specials.

Frankly speaking, nothing can replace “the newspaper”. I get to hear it on the television wires, or across the Internet networks; where the war rages between various media groups, who gets the news across to the masses first ? The one to steal the show, the highlights, the first one to be out with all that information !! But come next day, if it’s not in the daily news, nah then for me, maybe it wasn’t really that important after all.

I guess, it’s more to do with the ritual of the “newspaper mornings”. Back home, the morning scenario before the rush hour sets in, was to see, Mom frantically skimming through the headlines before Dad got his hands on the paper. And then during breakfast, my sole accompaniment through the morning bread-and-cereal ritual was the paper. ( Oh, yes I was a one of ‘em, picky eaters !) While on the farm, Grandma was the first to lay her hands on the daily news, ‘cause by the time Grandpa returned it around noon, it would be solely in his hands till dusk settles in .

The thing about the paper is that it offers you all, ranging from the local news to the global fast-track; amidst a myriad of subjects, politics, science, history,contemporaries, financials, advertisements and not to forget, the gossips, the sports and the business pages. The days when additional supplements are given are the best. Mostly it’s on Sundays, when peace mostly reigns through the house, and I can leisurely read the weekend specials.

If anyone said that today’s newspapers will line tomorrows’ shelves, I would rather add, “Says who?” True, newspapers may line the shelves in the garage, but not necessarily yesterdays’!! What about the funnies, the Editorials, the contents to send entries for, the crosswords to solve, the Bridge to crack..?! And the news cuttings, can’t miss out on that one !! Magazines come mostly weekly or fortnightly, with most articles compressed in its pages, but newspapers give the daily zing to the day.

It’s what makes waiting for the dentist, whiling away time in the train worthwhile, or even taking a break from the daily schedule, be it a desk job or even in the hospital. Where else would there be such a assorted variety of news ? More importantly, what else can be carried around everywhere, which is so versatile to while away time ? And not to miss out, reading  the letters to the Editor ?! Even if newspapers go completely online, it’s still not the same. No thanks,  I am not willing let go of the rolled up sheets of paper which lands on my doorstep every morning.

The sudden realisation which led to me putting up this post is that, no matter what news technology brings to my fingertips, or even if the news comes online on the spot, without the daily morning dosage, somehow the whole day leading upto nightfall seems lacking. So this post is for all the newspapers and the staff across the globe, kudos to you guys and stay in action. Nothing can ever replace the feel of the recycled newsprint with that cup of coffee in the morning. Keep the printers running.

A bit about the “Royal Wedding” and fairy-tales….

The royal wedding held on the grounds of the Westminister Abbey, London; was one of the most widely viewed weddings. Unfortunately, due to hospital on-call, I had to watch a taped show of the royal wedding.The gowns, the ceremony, the exchange of rings, it all brings back memories of weddings; of friends and family. I don’t know what it is about weddings, but there’s something about them. Maybe it’s because it’s all about starting a new chapter in each one’s personal journey of life.

Since childhood, I always likened weddings to fairytales. Recollecting the fairy tales of childhood, the Princess and the Frog, Sleeping Beauty  and add to it many more, they lead to dreams of happily-ever afters. No matter how many tales of Spider-man or He-man or even G.I.Joe are brought in, all the little girls often read at some point of time in their childhood, one of the princess-prince fairytales. As for the boys, ‘m guessing it might be Jack and the Beanstalk they may begin reading with or the Brer Rabbit series ( though ‘m pretty sure they all would have watched Walt Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Cindrella, etc…. made a deal with my nephews, they spilled the beans!! Hah!!).

Unfortunately, later growing up, we learn that life is no fairytale, specially weddings. Though after a few years of wedded bliss, life tends to get back to normalcy. Family, kids and add to it, a career; no matter how tiresome the day may get to be, coming back home after a long day at work puts you in a totally different mood. In my view, a house with kids, laughter and large family gatherings, completes a person. No boat can sail smoothly through unchartered waters, but that’s what all relationships are about. Making through till the end, until the bit of “death do us part”!! Though sometimes, when parting becomes inevitable, still thinking of theinitial days brings a few memories,alt least some of the days of happiness .Frankly, I love fairy tales, especially the happily ever afters. Though life doesn’t exaclty echo the storyline of the fairytales, it does say that, one day, we will all have a happy ending. It’s all about finding your dreams,never losing your optimism and living your hope. The rest shall follow. Unless you stir the coffee, the sugar crystals at the botttom of your cup won’t dissolve. And that’s what life involves, making and stirring your own cup of coffee.

“Geronimo EKIA”, What happens next ?!

 The past decade has been an onslaught of a series of wars, of which some where under the banner  of “War on terror”. And so on May 2nd declared  in Washington, at 11:30pm,  by the president, at  the end of the 40-minutes special operations’, the mastermind behind the 9/11 attacks O.B.L. was  declared dead !!!The whole uncertainity lies in the wariness of what happens next ? Every action  has a reaction is what history teaches; the fact about the reaction being equal in intensity to the  action varies. Though each time, in the  end, the common man bears the brunt of it all-even if it  be “the action” or “the reaction” !!

True, in the end justice has to be met and actions have to be accounted for. But in the end, a child who lost both parents in the 9/11 won’t have their parents back ? Nor will the children who were orphaned during the Iraq Wars have their lives back on track?! The main consolation is that, at least the main planner of 9/11 attacks has not gone scot-free. Yet, many others can arise in his place and take over, many other organisations can be set up but , that all lies in the uncertainity of what happens, something that I definitely don’t want to contemplate on !!

Life was never in your hands to give so neither it is to take. Yet justice has to be met, where ever required. Although, contrarily no  one can predict when life gets snatched beneath your feet !! That’s the ironicity of life !! Thus, post-“Geronimo EKIA” ( Geronimo Enemy Killed in Action ; the code message conveyed to the President Obama to inform him that the Al Qaeda chief, O.B.L. has been killed and for a fact that the real Geronimo can in no way be connected to O.B.L. ); the whole world is waiting with bated breath and on complete alert; what will the aftermath be? What will “the reaction” enresult in ?!!