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Three more days to go !!

If the holiday season was all about having a hectic time, then mine has topped the list this time. ( Shudder!!) So much for relaxation and having a quiet winter !!

And to make matters worse, I’m dead tired to get all festive for the New Year; which I may not have to do with being on-call throughout the next week. Plus a trip to Mumbai in early January and then shuttling to and forth places in Kerala, I guess my “new year” will start off with a bang !! But that’s the fun of fusing work and travel; though I must say that everything comes at a price including time and the network availability !!

So today when I finally put my feet up, my gaze falls on a row of black lettered numbers marked with a few red in between; a.k.a. the calendar. Yikes, three days left !!

Funny how the year flew by, or at least the last five months did. This will be my second new year of my mission work break; though this time I’ll be in the hospital. Looking forward to see the surprises in store !! Speaking of which here are a few new year thoughts,


One thing I know for sure, I’m too tired to make resolutions, or even think about them. Plus, I have to head back to the hills ( my code for rural or rather out-of-range areas !!) tomorrow, so that means an early evening and up at four tomorrow morning. (Who says that life never gets busy out here ?!!)

Adding the good and the bad, one thing that this year has robbed me of, or I think that I deprived myself of, is the my blogging hours; which got sidelined thanks to my pre-post graduate preparation. To console myself, I can say I’ll start over after all these exams are over.

Happy New Year 2013

And fast forward to three days ahead, before the clock strikes twelve, a happy new year to all my readers;  who have the patience to lend an eye and the time, to read my ramblings.

Good luck with the resolutions. 

Rock the New Year’s eve and the grand day too; have a great and fabulous start !!

Salute !!


Weaving your own bit of nature


Image via Flickr:AUTUMN From Little♥Krawler


When You’re chewing on life’s gristle

Don’t grumble, give a whistle

And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

And…always look on the bright side of life…

Always look on the light side of life.
Monty Python’s Life of Brian

I saw this lovely snap on Flickr. It brought back memories of a high school incident wherein one of our science club experiments went haywire, but we still tried to put it up for the exhibition. (We did get a second!!) Everyone gets these trying moments, wherein which we get irritated, frustrated and royally annoyed. Somehow the lighter side is lost. We give into the emotions at that moment and then regrets follow. A spider’s web has two stories to follow; the web of pain, deceit and anger or a beautiful design of nature showing the ability of the spider, its spirit of resilience and its agility and strength irrespective of size. Which one would you look at ?!!

Get the bird’s eye view !!!

Earlier today, I was randomly running “the list of things to do” in my mind, both at work and at home. Notes to complete, topics to read up, presentations to do, projects to be entered, tests to be run ( oh no !!!) and at home..major “spring !” cleaning to do, grocery to be bought, shelves to be arranged !!! Did I mention about the laundry and bills to be paid !!!! The Internet, the electricity, the water bill…Omigosh, ‘m going bonkers !!!! I wanted pull out my hair and run haywire, screaming insane. But then, something , i mean – an image just popped into my head and made me realize, that it’s just another day in my life and there is always tomorrow to look for.This is what I saw…Hmmm interesting….Not so terrible after all….There’s a way out….Is it my imagination, or does the mountain look smaller…..
Hey, they definitely look small now…So the next time I panic, I’ll fly up to get the higher view and then maybe it won’t look so bad after all. Quoting  “Anxiety is love’s greatest killer. It makes others feel as you might when a drowning man holds on to you. You want to save him, but you know he will strangle you with his panic. Anais Nin .” I personally like the second line. It’s so easy to get swept away and be overwhelmed by the numerous problems or things to do, on a daily basis. Many a time it’s so difficult to remain calm and stable. You feel like running away, getting away as far as you can but it is not possible. What to do ? Stop thinking. Take a step back, back, again back…till you get the bigger picture……
Breathe and then, go farther  away from the mountain and watch it get smaller and smaller. How does it feel then? Looks like these problems may have an answer after all. For all these tasks come and go, but facing them and resolving them one-by-one is what makes us who we are – the survivors.

Is it worth taking the risk ?

Amidst the morning lecture today, my mind wandered( I really hope my dean doesn’t see this) as usual… and I was thinking about my friend Nan. She had recently taken up a new job overseas. Being a project manager, in a new place, new language, new culture is not an easy thing to do. She was supposed to head one of the new NGO projects in Africa. Why she went ? ” There is no point in sitting in your safe and sheltered world. It’s your duty to give back a little to the world and go. After all, no risks, no adventure and no difference in someb0dy’s life. ” She couldn’t have put it better.

Scared of something !!! Stop fretting, take the leap and go ahead !! There is nothing to hold you back, but yourself. So what are you waiting for ? As for me, I think I will look into the plans of  Breast Cancer Awareness Project that one of my residents was taking about !!! Go ahead and seize the day !!!!

I wish I could switch off my hearing for a few minutes…..

During one of the recent stage performances I had attended…

” This is supposed to be the best band in the whole college. Just listen, how could they even let this happen. Listen, to their notes; all out of order. Who can even hear them sing. This is simply astounding. Horrendous. Don’t they have any idea about the image they are projecting of themselves. What fools are they…..blah….blah…blah….If they only had listened to my idea. When we went there, we did the best show. Too good. Lifted them off their feet….blah..blah…blah..blah…”

Oh, for Pete’s sake, of course we can’t listen to anything, thanks to your non-stop blabbering. Is it so difficult for anyone to shut up and just let others enjoy the show. Is a big task to keep those waggling tongues under control !!! A bunch of ‘pure noise’ is what they are.

Incidentally, there’s nothing much that we can do. Most of these small noises, become big ‘influential’ noises and consequently, create ‘ big’ headaches for everyone else around them. Forget about workplaces , they are there even in colleges, schools, amusement parks, cafe’s, sports matches…everywhere !!! The more ‘ silent’ and ‘ sensible’ people have no option but to plug some cotton, feign complete deafness and carry on with their life. Internationally, it’s high time that world silence day is observed ( I hope that there is a day like that!). And, to add to it  if we listen to all that noise once, we have to listen again and again and again…our whole day becomes threatened. More worst  is that it’s all the same talk over and over again…. placed in different scenarios and lined with pure imagination and fabrication.

Arrgh….it’s true that “empty vessels” make a lot of “noise”, but what’s most annoying, is that they are the ones that get the spotlight along with all the unwanted attention, hue and cry…how much more ironic can life get !!! Why can’t we just show them the wall and get on with life ?!!!