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Back on the road….

It’s 00 05hrs here. Six hours later, ‘ll have to be back on the road, heading to my rural area of work. So there will my weekend and the rest of the week will be. One of the best things about life in the rural here is that, no one is in a rush. Each one has a story to share, various anecdotes and experiences to talk about in life both funny, enriching and learning.

As Mike Tawse says, “It is a great gift to be able to learn from other people, but any lesson that is worth learning will be strengthened, not weakened, if you have the courage to question it. If you do not, you will form no opinions of your own and your choices will be controlled by whoever is allowed to fill your mind.”

Meanwhile, happy weekend to all of you !! Hope I don’t go reverse on the highway.


Nuances of a new “rural-settler”…

Well, one back-breaking day of unpacking, and from the looks of it; I can finally call it a day. So sitting in this mellow mood, updating myself to the fact that I am still adjusting to the life out here. As I had posted earlier, this new place is essentially a missionary-based rural hospital; the nearest town being miles away. It’s been nearly a month since I have joined work, though I am still trying to settle down.

This place or rather the life out here kind of leaves you unprepared. No matter how many tips you get, or advices you get about the local customs and rules; nothing can prepare you for the life out here. True, amenities are to the basic but small-town or rather rural life is different. It’s nice to be greeted by scores of people in the morning, to have people fuss over you and look out when you are new and shifting in. Come to think of it, even in a suburban neighborhood,  you would be welcomed with smiles and house-warming gifts but later things die down. But here, you have the occasional stop-by over by the locals when they go to town. The only clinch is that nothing is private, everything is news. Some days you are the news, other days someone else. The thing with this small town is that nothing goes by unnoticed, which may be a boon or a bane; I still have to see. But on the whole, it feels nice that your next-door farmer-neighborer had kept your paper while you were out in the town for a whole weekend.

If anyone were to ask, would I have traded this, the smell of the fields, open skies, the splashes across the lake and the vast open spaces with rich cow-studded pastures or tractors running by; for the dark, dusty days of the city. Definitely not. I needed this break and I would have made the same call, given a choice again; regardless of electricity and network coverage.

Packers & Breakers ….oops movers…

If there is one activity that I kind of find a trifle annoying is shifting homes – both the pre-  and the post- stages. Consider the facts; the change of locations, the new secluded place of work and of course the spacious new quarters. So this is why at this party hour of the night, I am sitting and grumbling at the scene –  carton boxes piled on with half the contents on the floor ( consider the option manhandling !!), stuff strewn around…whoa, even a toddler couldn’t beat me at this art.

Don’t blame me but I don’t relish the activity of moving. Pretty tedious, getting the right number of cartons, organizing the wardrobes, classification of all items as daily, once a while, once bi-annually, yearly, rarely and of course the i-think-i-may use-it otherwise what my mom would call it “junk” and the regular trash stuff. Ironically after all the pains of packing, I still mutter fervent prayers and with crossed fingers hope the movers know and recognize the word ” fragile”, which I am sure hardly ever happens.

So this year was none the different, nevertheless the outcomes have been so far bearable. Lets see, one broken china set ( but repairable, so my hair is still on my head), one torn apart carton, and one cracked painting.  The latter was supposed to be discarded but…as usual it may come in useful some time.

Considering my work schedule and the fact that all the cargo arrived a week late, I am still glaring at the mess in my quarters. Sigh, getting started is worse than it looks like. I wish there were un-packers for hire out here….alas, if horses could fly ( not the ones which are silvery with pointed horns!!!!)….

New Waters…

Today has been the day that marked approx. three weeks into this year. Three weeks and still settling down in the new area, my new work place and oh yes, the new surroundings. The new hospital or care the primary care centre is that, one with very basic facilities. The nearest town being a mile away, it feels different being in this new place. Miles away from the endless clamouring of the city-life and surrounded by lush green fields, a real sight for those sore city eyes of mine. Life out here is different. I am the general practitioner out here at the medical mission hospital. With the very basic facilities here in the hospital, the daily “out-patient department and trauma centre” scenes are pretty much unpredictable. My daily prayer is that we would be able to offer timely help, patch ‘em up and refer to a higher centre, especially the trauma patients…. Though, in spite of the very frequent power breaks, the sweltering heat, the change of cuisine (it’s hot ‘n spicy now..), the lack of network coverage, stolen hours online by running over to the nearest town, the different culture and people….the hours as they go by teach me something new and interesting daily. From this little village in India, set by a lake and admist the hills they will be many more thoughts to share, though meanwhile I need to some how get the means to go “networking”. As I was reading through the new features of WordPress, saw the new plan for 2011, blogging daily and weekly. Hope there is something for “bi-weekliers”, like me.

                                           Twisted Fence by star_cosmos_bleu

Anyways for the next two years, I have got my hands tied up. Looks like life is going to be a handful out here. Meanwhile, I need all the luck and grace that I can hold on to….

Com’on let’s go…!!

Twelve hours ago, I was scrambling my brains, hunting for the various props required for the play, pouring over the script and one look at the mirror; I looked something like an extra-terrestrial. Paint smeared face, yellow-green fingers….one big mess!!! The team had finished today’s work and I was cleaning up. Reached my quarters and was settling down, when the phone rang. Now what?!!
The next minute I left.

The next few hours were some of those that I treasure and keep it categorized as “memories for later”!! There is something special about spontaneous, unplanned events. Five of us, hit the road for a drive. Post-traffic rush, the drive was awesome. The thing that attracts me about a drive is that, it is a pleasant time to mull over, to reflect, to drift away, to dream or simply sit back and soak in the scenes that roll by, nature’s views, the music…. Or maybe it’s the fact that I am getting out of the local “habitat” and heading out somewhere different. And a drive with no planned destination in mind and going nowhere in particular, is simply the best. The random days of travel and the countless hours of just driving, stopping at random spots, depending on whatever catches the eye, exploring the roads….are like some moments which are worth making. A new road, a new area, new scenery appears…. no second thoughts at all… Although, the best is when it is an overnight trip. Unfortunately it is “work-day” tomorrow.

Anyways, this drive turned out to be a big break from the usual grind. I wish I could do it more often. Sometimes, extremely pre-planned events lose their fun due to the extreme planning. Spontaneity, I really miss it thanks to all the schedules and planners. True, planning is a must; but surprises I like better. Well, back from the road, the whole gang had crashed over; looks like it was a Saturday night after all!!!

Tying the knot, but don’t know where…

Getting married ? Weddings signify some of the best times of life, not only for the bride and the groom, but also for all those who attend. The young girls who make secrect pacts with each other ( sounds familiar..Bride Wars!!), the elder siblings who acknowledge that it is time to get married, the other mamas who start ‘match-making’…..and so on. But come what may, it is a very special day. Over the years, after watching countless of weddings, I have decided that these are some of the best places to get married.

1. The Traditional Church Wedding:

There is something special about getting married in the church of your hometown. Brings back memories of your grandparents and parents, tying the knot a similar day in the past…

2. Castle wedding: Something’s special in the air, when a wedding takes place on ancient castle grounds. Sounds similar to the historic wedding held somewhere in the 1600’s. Seeing the couple approach to the sound of the traditional music , memorable indeed !!!

3. Wedding on a Cruise ship: It is absolutely breathtaking, to see the happily married couple against the ocean line.

4. Wedding Inns: There is something special about being to a wedding ceremony held on the grounds of the old exquisite inns. The bed and breakfast inns are ideal for a private wedding.

5. Grand Hotel Wedding: This is one of the most common wedding venues I have been to. The banquet halls are too good, and as the first dance which claims the floor, I often wish that I was the bride.

6. Underwater Weddings: I haven’t been to one yet, but my friends have. Reading about it in the papers, its feels quite special. Though, it seems kind of impossible for all the guests to go under water as well !!

7. Wedding at the Beach: I have been to my cousin’s wedding. Held at the Marina Beach, it was a breathtaking view to behold, with the waves lapping at the sand in the background.

8. Mountain Top Wedding: I have never been to one of these weddings. But, after seeing snaps of my parent’s colleagues getting married out there, it could be a spectacular wedding spot .

9. Central Park Wedding: How many times have you witnessed a wedding while walking in the central park ? I have seen three weddings till now. Makes quite a picturesque scene. Of course, I was one of the uninvited guests in all the three weddings.

10. Under the tree weddings: My all time favourite wedding venue…under the tree at the back of my garden. My aunt held her wedding at home, a small quiet one. The best thing about this is that, it’s absolutely homely, and each time I see that place; it brings back the best memories of my life.

To tell you the truth, I haven’t got married yet. Still searching for the right person. But  planning my wedding  is one of my fav past-time, especially when I am totally bored. I wish I was the bride in all these weddings above. ( Have a happy married life to all you couples in the above photographs. Thanks for the pics!!)

Ah, well someday it ll be me out there !!! Till then, I ll wait.