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Its hardest to know…..!!

They often say a picture says more than a thousand words…and now here I hope that this would convey a little of something of what is on my mind… and I’m sure at some point in all our lives we would have come across.


For you…from yours truly

One hour later, it would be one month down. Somehow, it feels like a long time ago, that I was caught up in the frenzy of the New Year celebrations.

Truth to tell, I feel kind of more “off the track” of late. I do feel happy and content in my surroundings but also (sigh!) a little bit restless.

Wonder why.

Flipping through the channels, (yes, I am finally sitting in front of the big screen!!) one thought that keeps on nagging my conscience is; its 2013 and you’re growing in no way younger; so what have you done so far? What have you promised to yourself?

Promise?!  To myself?! You’ve got to be kidding!!

Why? You have to give an assurance to yourself over something? Or are you not important to promise yourself something?!

No it’s not that; it’s just that there’s nothing much to promise myself. I have already made a list of resolutions.

No, I’m talking about “promise”. To give yourself what you really want. To take an undertaking or vow only for yourself.

I already have more blessings than I can count. So what do I want more?

Are your blessings making you too set in life? What about making those blessings into talents ? What about your dreams? Your dream to make a difference…

….. That’s what I am doing here….

Is that enough? Not the realistic dreams, but your dream to “live life” or are you falling into the good old comfortable routine?

We need routines and yes, I always tend to fall into one.

Then why are you restless? Or is it “dissatisfaction cloaked”? Or are you hiding from taking a chance? What happened to your “bucket list”?!!

My bucket list; there was one maybe five years ago; but no more.

Why not?

I don’t know !!

Then this what I have to say;

“We don’t have all the time in the world.

You need to live life for yourself; not selfishly but true to your inner voice and to your inner self.

A promise to; free yourself of the constraints of the day, and to just explore life.

To do what you want to do, to take chances and to make changes. 

Walk that extra mile, make a new path and if you feel like running, hike up your skirts and just run.

Yes, we do live in a society but do re-script the rules once a while; only for you to live life.

Some bridges may need to be burnt. In that case, burn them and find another way to crossover. But whatever it may be, take care not to lose your passion for life.

Just run with the wind once a while and breathe in what is there around you. 

All I am asking you, is to promise yourself to make your bucket list …

And in doing so…dream big, take small steps, jump a little, walk a new path, sail through un-chartered waters, run awhile, find life and most of all in doing so; find peace in your inner self ….

…Yours truly..

Stringing the thoughts !!

Two months and approximately, twenty-five days….it’s not something that I am really happy to acknowledge, but that’s the number of days; I have out of the social networking and the blogging world !! Or rather mildly put, “being off the radar”.

To cut the long list, I am hanging the blame on the sudden fateful turn of events, both in my professional and personal life. Thankfully, they are not that tragic, just time-consuming. In simple words; work, exams, projects and a whole lot of work !!

Shoving all rants aside, it’s thanksgiving, finally !!  Besides the turkey feast, it’s one day that we think of our blessings (little do we know the real value of them !! ) and say Grace.

Everyday we take a  number of things granted. It’s only when we see the little things that we realize how blessed we are.

For instance, I often wonder what the little girl has to smile about, when she had lost her father to a domestic terrorist attack on three years ago ? Or what makes Lina, the lady who stays a few miles away from the hospital in the slum area happy, when her husband abandoned her, leaving her alone with her child who is physically challenged ?  How does the sixty year old church warden get up every morning to ring the chapel bells at six; he had lost his son and his entire family in a hit and run accident three years ago ? There are many more people who have worse situations that what I have seen or known, but they still make through the day.

And that’s what I often wonder, how do they do it ? What makes them smile again ? What gives them the hope ? And why would they ever say thanks. When I asked John, the only thing he would say is. “It’s a part of His bigger plan. May be I am still here to do my part.”

And somewhere down the road, they move on. I am honored to know them, their courage, their hope and how they make their life still count. And in no way that would be easy.

That when the realization strikes;  for most of the times, when we label ourselves “the unlucky ones”; little do we know how lucky we are.

Yet do we do our role in the best way we can. Are we using our blessings or simply taking them for granted and whiling away our time ?A lot to ponder over.

So for now, I have decided to make a difference I can, whenever I can and where ever I can. Maybe it’s not the elaborate gesture that counts but just a kind thought or deed. Or sharing our blessings when we can.

And which is why I have to get busy with the dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 3

One more thought, with my present work schedule and exams, I really don’t know when I would be able to log on; but till do spread the  cheer around.

Happy thanksgiving !!


Who decides the morning ?

Have you ever seen the balance ? Or more appropriately put, “the scales of (what we all know as) justice” !! Unfortunately, justice as it often goes, seems kind of twisted in the common life. Blatantly, rather rephrase justice as “luck”.

Yes, there are some of us, those unlucky ones; who just happen to miss it all at that specific moment. And when we re-scrutinize and re-analyse the situation, ( thanks to our innate human nature!!), down go our shoulders and then officially consciously or unconsciously, we deem the day bad.

But that’s what life literally mocks at us for. For one after the other, the bad days come in a frenzy and we sink deeper into the dungeons of self misery. (Well, maybe the “dungeon” bit is an exaggeration, but in a way it’s true!!)

Troubles come and we end up being chased by them, when ideally we should take a fork-lift and turn it around. Sometimes, we ought to take a break while running, and look back, asking ourselves, isn’t it time to stop and pitch back !!

And it’s only when we realize that it’s us who decides the morning, we end up living our day to the fullest !!


Troubles come and we end up being chased by them, when ideally we should take a fork-lift and turn it around. Sometimes, we ought to take a break while running, and look back, asking ourselves, isn’t it time to stop and pitch back !!

And it’s only when we realize that it’s us who decides the morning, we end up living our day to the fullest !!

So what are we all waiting for ?!! Charge ahead and have a great week !!


Finding a fresh start…

It’s what we all need for a new beginning and a fresh start. A ray of hope which slowly glimmers on surface and then ultimately, it lights us from within and gets us going.

We all need new starts ’cause every once a while, we get stuck and that is quite common. Yet it’s the process of “getting unstuck” that makes us who we are, or rather that determines us what kind of person we are or will be.

Why am I rambling on about this ?

From what I have seen over the past two weeks is that, in trying times it’s so easy to fall back and to quote, “let fate take its course. There’s nothing that I can do about it any more.” 

Honestly, it’s pretty easy to come to such a conclusion, for nothing is our doing. It’s all a pre-destined course of events. Right ?!

But in reality, is it so ? If we do so purely believe in fate and its course, then why even try doing anything ? Are we trying to hide our fears in fate ? Is destiny just a cover for our misgivings and fear to try again? Or are we just sitting back dazed and giving up, when we haven’t even tried? Is that known as fate ?!! We might as well do the puppet show of basic living and then walk off. Then what’s the difference in being human. Where is the fire and where is the spark of life.

By believing in something and going for it, is what our very existence demands of us. Yes, fate does take its “due” course but that doesn’t mean that we just sit back and let it take its course. In that case, there would be no progress at all. There would be nothing to look forward to in life.

We need to find a way between fate and our dreams and somewhere the two roads will meet. No matter how parallel the roads may be, there’s always a way around it. We just have to make up our mind and heart, and in the process of finding our dreams; may be fate would step in, to either lend a hand or to stay in the shadows. 

So once decision taken this Easter, is to hope and to believe in oneself. Fate does have a role to play in life but it doesn’t necessarily define us or our days on the journey. It helps us make the tough decisions but to find a fresh start depends on us and is our sole responsibility.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter !! May this year be one of love, peace, joy, happiness, grace, salvation and hope.

It’s not always worth it, on the other side…

These are a few of the snippets of a conversation with one of my friends who had called earlier today evening.

” Don’t you think it would be better if I just quit this job and migrate and find another ?”

– Why? What brought on that idea all of a sudden. Last week you sounded like you were having a blast.

” Maybe it’s just getting too boring…time to change ?

– Whoa !! Hang on a sec. You just started at this new firm last month. Change already ? What’s the real reason ?

” Just like that..

– Somehow I refuse to believe that.

” Well I just spoke to D on Facebook. You remember her. We went to college together. She just migrated to Aussie land last month and she’s got an awesome job. You won’t believe the perks and the pay too !!

J think twice. It’s your second job in six months. What’s with all the flitting by. True that there is always something better with everything, but hey you have to be steady sometimes, to enjoy the benefits and be satisfied. Why do you keep running to the other side ? It’s not always as pretty as it looks.

K, I don’t know. Somehow the other side always sounds more enchanting. I guess I’m just ….

Well, this is not a new situation. I had these same feelings while doing summer jobs. I would end up with one, see how the other was having a blast and needless to say, I switched but believe me, it was never worth it. Today with the complexity of modern life, getting to do something that you like is a blessing.

But once the evil head of comparisons and the thoughts of “isn’t better there” start to arise, what you like suddenly doesn’t seem so worth it any more.

Is it worth throwing a best chance and hopelessly start hunting for another ? To chase our dreams is what makes our life worth it. I would say to walk on and find another chance, if you have a plan or even if, an opportunity or an idea is slowly unfolding. Though, just because someone is better somewhere else, doesn’t equate the belief  that life would be bright or even as what it was on the other side.

They say that, “the grass looks greener on the other side”. But what they don’t say is that, the other side could be a mirage especially if you have the ingrown habit of looking over the fence, instead of looking what lies within your fields.

What will happen when the other side was actually a mirage or simply spray painted green ? What happens when the other side starts to wilt, just because you didn’t water your fields there ? What happens when the grass is actually slushy mud on the other side ?

The one thing to know is that, once you are on the other side it may be difficult to climb over the fence and re-enter your fields. (Unlike, the felines we don’t have nine lives..right ?!)

Instead, find your feet where they are and get them firmly on the ground, water the fields and explore your land and find the beauty and happiness therein. Few facts that life glaringly shows us, is that we always take the good things for granted. It’s only when they are snatched away, we realize that we have been given the best gifts in life. We may cross the fence based with “a green eye” and lots of dreams with no plans, then it may be too late to turn back.

Besides, the sun may shine brighter on the other side of the fence and the grass the best of the green, but let it not scorch you. Sunburns are pretty nasty.



Is it worth taking the risk ?

Amidst the morning lecture today, my mind wandered( I really hope my dean doesn’t see this) as usual… and I was thinking about my friend Nan. She had recently taken up a new job overseas. Being a project manager, in a new place, new language, new culture is not an easy thing to do. She was supposed to head one of the new NGO projects in Africa. Why she went ? ” There is no point in sitting in your safe and sheltered world. It’s your duty to give back a little to the world and go. After all, no risks, no adventure and no difference in someb0dy’s life. ” She couldn’t have put it better.

Scared of something !!! Stop fretting, take the leap and go ahead !! There is nothing to hold you back, but yourself. So what are you waiting for ? As for me, I think I will look into the plans of  Breast Cancer Awareness Project that one of my residents was taking about !!! Go ahead and seize the day !!!!