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Sneezes and sniffles with lots and lots of tea…

Achoo!! Can’t help it! I am going through another episode of sniffles and sneezes. It started since morning with no triggers, unless the thoughts of cleaning up my room could be considered as a trigger. Since it started, as of now I have reached a record of twenty five in a row, finished an entire box of tissues and downed myself in three mugs of tea laced with honey and ginger (Help!! I am more of a coffee person). At least, I have not yet landed with a headache or fever. (And pray not, my fingers and toes are crossed!!) Hopefully it must another common cold, thanks to the change of weather. On the whole, should I crib about or be thankful for it?!! After all, I did get a break from the usual work hours ( it’s midday here) and gives me some more time with my music, my novels…and of course, with my laptop. From the looks of it, if the cold waves persist, it may snow sometime soon. Meanwhile, I have to grab another cup of tea, this time it’s laced with pepper and cardamom, before my cold gets too nasty to handle. I have to stop the writing now, because I can hear the phone ring and from the sound of it, it may be mom with another long list of homemade remedies. No choice but to pick up. Don’t want to listen to the music later!! Well here I go, with sheets of paper and pen in hand. Hope I won’t run out of ink!!!