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Who decides the morning ?

Have you ever seen the balance ? Or more appropriately put, “the scales of (what we all know as) justice” !! Unfortunately, justice as it often goes, seems kind of twisted in the common life. Blatantly, rather rephrase justice as “luck”.

Yes, there are some of us, those unlucky ones; who just happen to miss it all at that specific moment. And when we re-scrutinize and re-analyse the situation, ( thanks to our innate human nature!!), down go our shoulders and then officially consciously or unconsciously, we deem the day bad.

But that’s what life literally mocks at us for. For one after the other, the bad days come in a frenzy and we sink deeper into the dungeons of self misery. (Well, maybe the “dungeon” bit is an exaggeration, but in a way it’s true!!)

Troubles come and we end up being chased by them, when ideally we should take a fork-lift and turn it around. Sometimes, we ought to take a break while running, and look back, asking ourselves, isn’t it time to stop and pitch back !!

And it’s only when we realize that it’s us who decides the morning, we end up living our day to the fullest !!


Troubles come and we end up being chased by them, when ideally we should take a fork-lift and turn it around. Sometimes, we ought to take a break while running, and look back, asking ourselves, isn’t it time to stop and pitch back !!

And it’s only when we realize that it’s us who decides the morning, we end up living our day to the fullest !!

So what are we all waiting for ?!! Charge ahead and have a great week !!



Gazing up….twinkle, twinkle little star !!

Many a time, even words fail to describe the splendor of the skies; from the time the sun rises to sets; the breaking of the dawn and the whispering of the moon in the night. Though tonight, what has kept me in awe of are, the night skies. Sitting on the lawn and gazing up, the skies are speckled with glistening dots arrayed randomly and in patterns.

Today Orion winked above, and so did Little Dipper!! Though what makes it most fascinating to watch the night sky are the two favorite stars of the navigators and sky-watchers, are the Polaris and less commonly known, Sigma Octantis. Both are never together but, the best part is that, either one of them are always there to give a hand.

And for an experimental photography, I tried out a star trail. Unfortunately, it’s not yet perfect, but it’s fun. It is supposed to look something like the shot below.

Getting immersed in the skies is fun. Think of the large number of explorers, adventurers, hikers; think of the known and unknown, the skies have a lot to teach us.

Especially the belief that we can always find our way back even in the stormy seas and the windy days.

All we need to look for are our familiar indicators, our goals, dreams and hopes; and the people who love us and have put their faith in us, and then eventually get back on track.

And that’s what I say, Life and the skies are all about!!

Enjoy the starry skies !!

Skating by…

It’s been nearly two whole weeks since I have last posted. Kind of a first, since I have never stayed off the blog for this long. Well, who do I put the blame on ? Shuttling between duty hours and my pre-post graduation preparation; time has been flying, leaving me stranded . That’s when I wish I had lived on Venus, but that’s too long a day ( 243 earth days per day) and the years would never go by. So here I am now, immersed in books and coffee and not to forget the white coat !!

Coming back on track, the only way to cut on time was to run around without actually running around ?!! Kind of weird, but do you remember that dusty old pair of shoes with wheels on the base !! I found mine hidden in the boxes up in the attic, not worn out with the laces in tact. Great, it’s time to get back on them. And with the entire ensemble of the knee and elbow pads, running from one block to another, especially during duty hours is like a whizz !! Practically that never happens, when I have to stop by and talk to ten different people on the way. Yet it feels great to be back on skates!!

It’s fun, to put on the full gear and dash across the streets, like in childhood. The only problem is that I keep on falling, but that is “the beginner’s block”. Thankfully, the felt pads never let me down.And even with the falls, getting around on skates is worth it.  Honestly, I can hardly remember the last time I ran on the lawn, chasing  and getting chased ( don’t count the family gatherings, I’m mauled by my nieces and nephews, and the rest of gang of cousins !!). The perks of technology, doesn’t make up for the lost time of fun, frolic and leisure.

But think of it, it’s time to put the laptop away and get some fresh air. Time to get some physical activity done ( exclude the laundry and the morning hustle-bustle). And now, I wonder where my skipping rope went ? That’ll be another hunt so I’ll settle for my skates now.

Getting those muscles back into function, was there any game or sporting event that you were crazy about in middle or high school days, and that you haven’t done for a long time ?!! And this doesn’t include the spectator part !! I have along list starting with the throw ball and volleyball nets. Gym is fine but it get’s boring at times. Maybe May is the time for some community play and matches !!

Have a great week ahead !!

So far, a lil’ bit of fun…

Phew !! Can’t believe it’s past mid-March day already. With the current fiasco of events, I guess the change of colours was one of the last things on my mind. Well, time to rectify it. Here comes the spring in its full glory….

One of the main festivals in India was celebrated over the last week. The festival wherein a riot of colours are thrown, even at the unsuspecting passers-by (that’s the fun….the festival spirit!!); to mark the beginning of basant i.e. spring and it marks the love and brotherhood ( and sisterhood !!) of the season. And so we all said hello to “vibgyor” !!

If there is one thing that is welcome before the hot dry days set in, is the rain. Yes, it’s been the fresh spring rains here, more of a drizzle actually. Quite pleasant compared to the downpour of the monsoons.

Well that was quite a bit of the weather talk…Can’t avoid mentioning it, especially after hours were spent cleaning up the colours !!

On a different track, with my experiments in the kitchen ongoing; I have so far managed to bake a batch of biscuits, a little crumbly but home-made.

And yes, currently I have taken up karate, on full swing. (I gave a miss on yoga; somehow I can’t imagine myself sitting down for long!!) Due to the hectic work schedule (as always, nothing new in that!!), I have been allotted my own instructor and shorter training hours (did I mention about the privileges which goes with the job!!)

It feels nice to get rid of all the stress, even though the sessions are only twice a week. Earlier I used to take up walking, but hey breaking a board and throwing someone down sounds more destructive and more fun!! On a second thought, I could do with a little bit of self-defense. It’s not Goldilocks’ land anymore; these days one can’t even afford to open their doors to a salesman (sorry guys, better safe than sorry!!). Anyways, since I have just started with the training, I must say there is more to karate than just self-defense. Goes for all the martial arts too, I guess. (Need to ponder over that bit…)

Changing tracks again, I guess it’s time to wind up for this evening. Not before, you pour over this story…

and yes, to wind with the last say, Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!

That’s all for now I guess, need to do some thought-gathering….

Reality: simplicity vs. complexity !!

Recently, there used to be this ad by an Indian telecommunication company, which goes by the name of Docomo…here is a sample, (though I guess figuring out the language won’t be so easy !!)

The underlining factor is keep things simple. Like no one wants an elaborate wedding card minus the invite !!!

And fact is, when do you become a man, my son ?! ….

.…only when life get’s less complicated and more to the point !!

In reality, most of the time we prefer other’s to read between the lines and our expressions and then figure our minds out. This may work some of the time, though most often it doesn’t.

Face the facts; everyone is busy and each person has their own individual bundle of problems. So figuring out others’ may not always work out..and that’s when it’s time to, keep it simple !!

If you are missing someone…give them a call or tweet or message. Don’t wait for them to do it and then latter worry about the lack of keeping in touch. Just do it !!!

If you want to meet someone….just invite them instead of hanging in the alleys and in their shadows or the classical “oops I’m sorry I bumped into you” act, to get noticed.

If you want to be understood, just explain. If the other side is willing to hear you out or not. Else even an email works fine. Don’t carry the weight in your mind.

If you have questions, ask them; instead of giving in way to confusion and a series of “what if’s” and surprised looks !!

If you like it..or even if you don’t; say it if you are supposed to !! No point in keeping someone in the dark.

And if you want something..you have to ask for it !!

For only the seekers shall find it, those who ask shall get answers and those who knock, will know whether the door will open or not !!

Besides, many don’t know what’s on your mind. Expressing them is better than expecting others to always figure you out. Think of it, when you take so much of time to think of the “no’s” and you already figure that you have them; why not simply take the risk to get a “yes” too !!

All of us just have one life, so why not just keep it simple ?

Spontaneity…. with a “leprechaun finale”

It’s been a crazy day. Lemme see, one day when I didn’t have my phone continously ringing, or trying to explain to a new mother that you never feed ur baby while lying down, or trying to dash across the ground between my quarters and the emergency room.

Ah finally, my day off…got back into functioning after a blessedly long “undisturbed” sleep. And then it was riots since then. A couple of us just managed to squeeze in our leave together and off we went into the town. Oh it was blissful, taking time off and creating a riot in the local market, eating from the street vendors ( nope, no tummy problems till now, food is spicy !!) and atrociously bargaining.

To let down my hair and for once, not to think at all – felt blissfully great. I kind of feel that these short impromptu breaks does a lot of wonder to my system, compared to the long days of leave. For once, you don’t have to waste hours planning and then arrange a place to crash. It’s rather, a call, ” You free, then let’s go !!!” So reminiscing over a cuppa, ( need to make it back, kinda of well stocked for a crash out nyt though !!!) these on-the-spur-moments are what makes the tedious round-the-clock days worth it.

So here I am trying to finish this post, while the rest of them are donning their leprechaun hats, singing randy tunes, collecting shamrock leaves and stringing green streamers around “Warning… drunken shenanigans ahead!” Happy St. Patrick’s Day !!!!

Packers & Breakers ….oops movers…

If there is one activity that I kind of find a trifle annoying is shifting homes – both the pre-  and the post- stages. Consider the facts; the change of locations, the new secluded place of work and of course the spacious new quarters. So this is why at this party hour of the night, I am sitting and grumbling at the scene –  carton boxes piled on with half the contents on the floor ( consider the option manhandling !!), stuff strewn around…whoa, even a toddler couldn’t beat me at this art.

Don’t blame me but I don’t relish the activity of moving. Pretty tedious, getting the right number of cartons, organizing the wardrobes, classification of all items as daily, once a while, once bi-annually, yearly, rarely and of course the i-think-i-may use-it otherwise what my mom would call it “junk” and the regular trash stuff. Ironically after all the pains of packing, I still mutter fervent prayers and with crossed fingers hope the movers know and recognize the word ” fragile”, which I am sure hardly ever happens.

So this year was none the different, nevertheless the outcomes have been so far bearable. Lets see, one broken china set ( but repairable, so my hair is still on my head), one torn apart carton, and one cracked painting.  The latter was supposed to be discarded but…as usual it may come in useful some time.

Considering my work schedule and the fact that all the cargo arrived a week late, I am still glaring at the mess in my quarters. Sigh, getting started is worse than it looks like. I wish there were un-packers for hire out here….alas, if horses could fly ( not the ones which are silvery with pointed horns!!!!)….