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And, now it’s time for the shadow dance…. tada !!

Earlier this month, with the monsoons striking down fiercely, a new art that I discovered was working with shadows. Taking it to the dance floor was another interesting venture. So, here are some of the videos which kind of fascinated me.

As for shadows, instead of having them lurking in the closet and corners of the life, time to get them cleaned out and put into some good use, maybe in this manner.

This was one of the performances entitled, ” Pilobus on Late Night with Conan O’Brien.” Well, at the end, I do say, ” I love New York City” too.

Another video that I came across YouTube was a performance in one of the medical colleges in India, CMC, Ludhiana.

And one to see, chickens sitting in a row.

Pretty neat play of shadows I must say.

What do you think ? Any “shadow fans” out there, (besides me !!) ?


Getting the Moves !!!

This crazed activity started a few weeks ago, towards the end of my internship. Dancing has been always one of my fav’ activities, but add a month of dance movies and well, I wondered if I could combine a few street moves with hip-hop and ballet. Hey presto, here I am soothing out the cramps but having fun.

After endless hours of high-wire tension and running around, the best way to get rid of my irritable, high-strung nerves is by letting all those joints go haywire. And it works. Agreed I am exhausted at the end of the day, but those few minutes of music accompanied by side-sweeps, side-steps, moon-walking ended with a somersault or pirouette does wonders to my stress levels.

Underlying thing about stress, is that it all depends on how you take it and on how you handle work. Agreed that nothing goes by ever in the planned manner. Many a time, it goes berserk and we hit a stone-wall. But, it’s up  to us to ease the pressure on ourselves and make a fresh start. Switch over the stress to something beneficial and hey, things will all get sorted out in due time.

By far, stress is the worst killer ever, it gets to you in an underhand way, ensnaring you and draining out the joy of life from you. Never should that happen to anyone. I lost my sense of balance, but thankfully found it before things got out of hand. It’s just one life, everyone has their own personal ups and downs, not just you. Everyone has their own way to cope with all that stress, just have to find it. Maybe it could be in music, or just walking, or sitting on a park bench with a paper and pencil in hand, or photography, or even kick-boxing anything to ease up the mind. Away from the daily stress and shocks of life. For me, right now I just need to get up and dance.