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Breaking the Dawn after the Fury

Vīta pretiōsa est

These past few days have been quite numb. They were the days that taught me how precious life is. How we can never predict what might happen at any given time-frame at any place. Many that day, didn’t know, that the walk to the shops or the market would be the last one, or that the fields would be green for the last time, or…it was the last hug before leaving home. A couple of minutes to hours it took, and today, still the shock of it has all of us reeling from it. And the aftermath hasn’t stopped, even now.

The worst thing about it, was the helplessness of the situation. Even though the weather satellites may have given a hint of warning,  complete evacuation would have been a miracle. Nature has known to unleash its fury, in worst forms. Just like in a second, the earthquake that had hit followed by the tsunami , it had left too, leaving aftershocks in its wake. Though this time, there is no one to yell at, no one to put behind bars, no one to curse or put the blame on; for no one can bring Nature to predict its course. For just as Nature destroys, it has the power to heal. But it’s upto us, to mend ourselves and try to bring life to normalcy, if it can ever happen so. It’s up to us to reconnect the threads, forge the ties and spin our lives again.

Life is too precious to waste it on fights, anger and hatred. There is a lot it can teach us about, a lot to offer, a lot of dreams waiting to be achieved and a lot of memories waiting to happen. Come to think of it, each day is way too precious to waste it on trifles. No one ever knows if it would be their last flight or the last drive on the road, or the last walk by the beach. Yet when realisation strikes that life is unpredictable, the urge to run away or stay dormant is there. But when you slowly reminesce through the memories, the risks of life are worth to take but not to waste. Maybe that’s why they say to savour every minute of life, to embrace every day as it comes with all its surprises and setbacks. And it’s that hope of surprises and memories that makes breaking the dawn all the more breath-taking and beautiful…


Triage Chaos

I dread it when I have to go for the disaster site management. It is simply difficult to choose between the victims.The worst part about is that I have to categorize the level of seriousness of the patients- tagging them Which is definitely not fair to them, for irrelevant of the fact that their injuries are serious or not, for them it is definitely serious. For to each, their own life is precious. But what can be done about it ? True, saving lives that can be saved is a must, but the Hippocratic oath deems us not to ignore a single patient.

Guess, this is similar to the issue of who came first, the chicken or the egg ? Unresolvable practically!!!!