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Finding a fresh start…

It’s what we all need for a new beginning and a fresh start. A ray of hope which slowly glimmers on surface and then ultimately, it lights us from within and gets us going.

We all need new starts ’cause every once a while, we get stuck and that is quite common. Yet it’s the process of “getting unstuck” that makes us who we are, or rather that determines us what kind of person we are or will be.

Why am I rambling on about this ?

From what I have seen over the past two weeks is that, in trying times it’s so easy to fall back and to quote, “let fate take its course. There’s nothing that I can do about it any more.” 

Honestly, it’s pretty easy to come to such a conclusion, for nothing is our doing. It’s all a pre-destined course of events. Right ?!

But in reality, is it so ? If we do so purely believe in fate and its course, then why even try doing anything ? Are we trying to hide our fears in fate ? Is destiny just a cover for our misgivings and fear to try again? Or are we just sitting back dazed and giving up, when we haven’t even tried? Is that known as fate ?!! We might as well do the puppet show of basic living and then walk off. Then what’s the difference in being human. Where is the fire and where is the spark of life.

By believing in something and going for it, is what our very existence demands of us. Yes, fate does take its “due” course but that doesn’t mean that we just sit back and let it take its course. In that case, there would be no progress at all. There would be nothing to look forward to in life.

We need to find a way between fate and our dreams and somewhere the two roads will meet. No matter how parallel the roads may be, there’s always a way around it. We just have to make up our mind and heart, and in the process of finding our dreams; may be fate would step in, to either lend a hand or to stay in the shadows. 

So once decision taken this Easter, is to hope and to believe in oneself. Fate does have a role to play in life but it doesn’t necessarily define us or our days on the journey. It helps us make the tough decisions but to find a fresh start depends on us and is our sole responsibility.

Meanwhile, Happy Easter !! May this year be one of love, peace, joy, happiness, grace, salvation and hope.


Across the waves….

Watching the waves lapping against the shore, a lone figure walked on the sand. Pausing for a minute to stare across the ocean shore, wondering if the journey was on the right track.

 If the path was the one destined, or was chosen as per destiny’s desire. Or was it against the fate, the path trodden against fate.

The lone figure sat down to contemplate.

Decisions. Were they the right ones made or wrong ones.

Choices. Chosen wise or foolish ones were opted for.

Opportunities. Thrown, wasted or utilized at the right times.

Chances. Some grabbed at the first chance, yet some left for later. What about the missed ones, will they come again? Maybe if prayed hard enough, they may.

But come whatever may, bouquets or brickbats, stones or confetti, harsh words or words of praise; facing it is a must. And that is what a true journeyer would do. A true soldier would do. A true warrior would do.

Mistakes, they are a part and parcel of us. But they are what teach us how to move on. How to cope in life. How to remember them later with fondness. How to enjoy the day, at the end.

Accepting the ups and downs of life is a necessity. Though most importantly is to be at peace within ourselves. Nothing should take away our peace of mind.

These are the thoughts of a lone person, echoed across the ocean shore.

Thoughts that run in many of our minds at some point of time, mine or even yours.   

Breaking the Dawn after the Fury

Vīta pretiōsa est

These past few days have been quite numb. They were the days that taught me how precious life is. How we can never predict what might happen at any given time-frame at any place. Many that day, didn’t know, that the walk to the shops or the market would be the last one, or that the fields would be green for the last time, or…it was the last hug before leaving home. A couple of minutes to hours it took, and today, still the shock of it has all of us reeling from it. And the aftermath hasn’t stopped, even now.

The worst thing about it, was the helplessness of the situation. Even though the weather satellites may have given a hint of warning,  complete evacuation would have been a miracle. Nature has known to unleash its fury, in worst forms. Just like in a second, the earthquake that had hit followed by the tsunami , it had left too, leaving aftershocks in its wake. Though this time, there is no one to yell at, no one to put behind bars, no one to curse or put the blame on; for no one can bring Nature to predict its course. For just as Nature destroys, it has the power to heal. But it’s upto us, to mend ourselves and try to bring life to normalcy, if it can ever happen so. It’s up to us to reconnect the threads, forge the ties and spin our lives again.

Life is too precious to waste it on fights, anger and hatred. There is a lot it can teach us about, a lot to offer, a lot of dreams waiting to be achieved and a lot of memories waiting to happen. Come to think of it, each day is way too precious to waste it on trifles. No one ever knows if it would be their last flight or the last drive on the road, or the last walk by the beach. Yet when realisation strikes that life is unpredictable, the urge to run away or stay dormant is there. But when you slowly reminesce through the memories, the risks of life are worth to take but not to waste. Maybe that’s why they say to savour every minute of life, to embrace every day as it comes with all its surprises and setbacks. And it’s that hope of surprises and memories that makes breaking the dawn all the more breath-taking and beautiful…

Usher in the ding-dong of the bells….

Here comes 2011 ( oops, nineteen hours already into it !!)…who ever thought that one decade of the next millennium would go by so fast !!! Poor Y2K bug…it got real badly squashed. As with every year, my nerves wouldn’t settle down till I made that never-accomplishable-despite-repeated-attempts list of the “dreaded new year” resolutions. So under the spell of the ethanol group of compounds, my persistently flickering neuronal network went into hyper-drive mode!!! The biggest question is how many to make and how long should I take to make it. I‘ll leave that answer for later.

Now let me see, where to start off…ah to lose some weight. Chances of a success….. extremely slim. Possibility, next to impossible. Ah forget that one, next is “ballet”. Got that bug bite this year and oh yes I started off in the confines of my little room with all those help-yourself-to-pirouette tapes. So far, one twisted ankle, a very sore bum, scraped elbows and something that looked like a spin on your toes. Hmmm, shall take it a step further this year with the splits. Accomplishable? Note: Will answer later.

Next, knitting? Only if I manage to wrangle that yarn from my kitten. Forget it, shall review later.

Karate; current status: white belt. Should I try going higher, learning the kicks is great, especially to try out on those evil-prank-playing friends of mine. Oh this is definitely worth it….got to sign up asap.

Reading (strictly novels!!)…..last year’s resolution carried over. Accomplishable? Remote possibility, maybe so. “There shall be miracles when you believe”….and so I shall believe.

Four listed out, so far. I think I’ll leave a lot of space for the accomplishable column. Fifth, regular blogging!! Well, I just started off this year, it’s a possibility but my variables are highly variable. I can’t vouch for the Internet and its’ traffic nor my net connection or the fact that I would be around at one place….this year looks like it could be “a travelling one”. Nope, not one of treks and rock-climbing, but of the “scalpel” and “the blade” with that little black bag in tow. Ah who can predict the future ?!!

I’m scratching my brains out now, they are on the verge of herniation…think I am doomed that my resolutions won’t work out. Oops, didn’t someone say just a minute ago about the miracles…..I think I need a little more time to think. After all, dreamers are the thinkers of society!! (says I) As for resolutions, they are meant to be broken mid-year and remodeled. But I shall complete my list of resolutions, at least I need something useful to focus on. The whole point is to give yourself something to change, to modify and bring some life into the persona of self ( I am not under influence !!!) Meanwhile, it’s time to get ready for that party and usher in the ding-dong of the bells…looks like it may be a pretty interesting year after all ( …..think of miracles). Cheers for the New Year…bring it on !!!

After the walk

A walk in the park.....original picture from flickr.com by avik Bangalee with the same title.In the course of events of yesterday and my “lovely” mood, I got conked out pretty early. Thus, here I am sitting at this unearthly hour, back from a early morning repose with nature. There is nothing like the calming effect it has, especially on a troubled mind. It was still night when I set off, along the road, to the lawn of my quarters and then to the park.  It was pretty chilly, but hasn’t started snowing. Though we had one episode of hailstones. There is something fresh about the early morning air. Makes me just want to indulge in the scent of the morning dew, wet grass, completely devoid of all thoughts.

Along the way, there are many marvels to ponder on. The early morning flowers, as they await the rays of the sun, the twittering of the birds as they slowly get ready for the day. Along the winding brick laden path I walked, it was quiet all around but not that sudden stillness. Just a calmness, as a prelude to the busy day ahead. And then, dawn broke and the powder blue skies emerged. It’s beautiful to be a part of such a scene. And that is when I had my moment, a scene carved in my mind, my happy place.

A moment in time, an instant that had no time. A picture frozen in mid- frame, demanding to be enjoyed, to dwell within that scene, be a part of it. A minute that refused to die after sixty seconds. A moment that was lifted off the time line and amplified into a forever so all the could witness the majesty. The essence of life carved in that moment.

Feels like a moment in eternity. A moment that reminds me of the treasures surrounding of life. My home. My peace of mind.  A moment that tenderly chides me for spending so much time and energy on temporal preoccupations such as work, savings accounts, and punctuality. A moment that can bring a mist to the manliest of eyes and perspective to the darkest life. A moment with a dotted timeline, to be relived again and again.

Life is like that , it is a long winding road, and the journey on the road is far more important than the final destination. And along these journeys, these spacial moments happen and that is what tells us that everything is okay. It’s okay to make mistakes, to fall in love and to find peace within.

As I walk back, the leaves of autumn still sway in the chill of winter; like a blend of two seasons. I had my moment today, and it will keep me going on for sometime, even when I feel that I am about to hit the dumps. All of us have our own moments. Treasure them as they come. Don’t be too busy to enjoy them. For that is what keeps us going on, reminding me of the miracles of life.

Mid autumn hails..

Yesterday, it was “hailstone-ing” out here. It happened around mid afternoon, to mark the beginning of the cold, dusky days and the end of the torrid sweaty days. For once, all hospital work came to a standstill ( just for a few seconds !!) as all gazed out. It was pretty interesting to listen to the various comments circulating around. ” Will our car windows get scratched ?!!” ” How are we going to get back home ?!” ” We’ll get pretty late today!!” ,”Cancel the evening meeting, we won’t be able to make it!!”…..But the loudest was by the kids, “Let’s go  out, it’s hailstones!!” and ” Yay, it’s raining out here !!” The last these little things came down was about ten years ago !! A day later, i.e. today the atmosphere is pretty vibrant out here. Lighter woolens are in now, with  scarves ( my personal favs!!) gaining a lot of popularity, hot cups of cocoa  and loads of soup.

The entire season change has affected the mood around . In a way, basic human nature is similar. We all have different colors to add to life. Each person has their own flavor to give. But, in the end the basic principles remain the same. Like, each hailstone we come in different shapes and sizes, but each of us have a unique fingerprint. True, hailstones have immense potential to cause huge damage; but it’s one of nature’s natural events. Depending on the altitude of fall, it has potential to cause immense loss. Come to think of it, it follows the natural cycle of life and destruction. Something like the gift that we have, to bring about another positive change in this world no matter how small it may be or to sit back and just be passive viewers.

Well , I am pretty much in a reflective mood today. Every incident has something to offer us, no matter how hopeless it may seem to be. Have a nice day !!

Weaving your own bit of nature


Image via Flickr:AUTUMN From Little♥Krawler


When You’re chewing on life’s gristle

Don’t grumble, give a whistle

And this’ll help things turn out for the best…

And…always look on the bright side of life…

Always look on the light side of life.
Monty Python’s Life of Brian

I saw this lovely snap on Flickr. It brought back memories of a high school incident wherein one of our science club experiments went haywire, but we still tried to put it up for the exhibition. (We did get a second!!) Everyone gets these trying moments, wherein which we get irritated, frustrated and royally annoyed. Somehow the lighter side is lost. We give into the emotions at that moment and then regrets follow. A spider’s web has two stories to follow; the web of pain, deceit and anger or a beautiful design of nature showing the ability of the spider, its spirit of resilience and its agility and strength irrespective of size. Which one would you look at ?!!