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Three more days to go !!

If the holiday season was all about having a hectic time, then mine has topped the list this time. ( Shudder!!) So much for relaxation and having a quiet winter !!

And to make matters worse, I’m dead tired to get all festive for the New Year; which I may not have to do with being on-call throughout the next week. Plus a trip to Mumbai in early January and then shuttling to and forth places in Kerala, I guess my “new year” will start off with a bang !! But that’s the fun of fusing work and travel; though I must say that everything comes at a price including time and the network availability !!

So today when I finally put my feet up, my gaze falls on a row of black lettered numbers marked with a few red in between; a.k.a. the calendar. Yikes, three days left !!

Funny how the year flew by, or at least the last five months did. This will be my second new year of my mission work break; though this time I’ll be in the hospital. Looking forward to see the surprises in store !! Speaking of which here are a few new year thoughts,


One thing I know for sure, I’m too tired to make resolutions, or even think about them. Plus, I have to head back to the hills ( my code for rural or rather out-of-range areas !!) tomorrow, so that means an early evening and up at four tomorrow morning. (Who says that life never gets busy out here ?!!)

Adding the good and the bad, one thing that this year has robbed me of, or I think that I deprived myself of, is the my blogging hours; which got sidelined thanks to my pre-post graduate preparation. To console myself, I can say I’ll start over after all these exams are over.

Happy New Year 2013

And fast forward to three days ahead, before the clock strikes twelve, a happy new year to all my readers;  who have the patience to lend an eye and the time, to read my ramblings.

Good luck with the resolutions. 

Rock the New Year’s eve and the grand day too; have a great and fabulous start !!

Salute !!


Stringing the thoughts !!

Two months and approximately, twenty-five days….it’s not something that I am really happy to acknowledge, but that’s the number of days; I have out of the social networking and the blogging world !! Or rather mildly put, “being off the radar”.

To cut the long list, I am hanging the blame on the sudden fateful turn of events, both in my professional and personal life. Thankfully, they are not that tragic, just time-consuming. In simple words; work, exams, projects and a whole lot of work !!

Shoving all rants aside, it’s thanksgiving, finally !!  Besides the turkey feast, it’s one day that we think of our blessings (little do we know the real value of them !! ) and say Grace.

Everyday we take a  number of things granted. It’s only when we see the little things that we realize how blessed we are.

For instance, I often wonder what the little girl has to smile about, when she had lost her father to a domestic terrorist attack on three years ago ? Or what makes Lina, the lady who stays a few miles away from the hospital in the slum area happy, when her husband abandoned her, leaving her alone with her child who is physically challenged ?  How does the sixty year old church warden get up every morning to ring the chapel bells at six; he had lost his son and his entire family in a hit and run accident three years ago ? There are many more people who have worse situations that what I have seen or known, but they still make through the day.

And that’s what I often wonder, how do they do it ? What makes them smile again ? What gives them the hope ? And why would they ever say thanks. When I asked John, the only thing he would say is. “It’s a part of His bigger plan. May be I am still here to do my part.”

And somewhere down the road, they move on. I am honored to know them, their courage, their hope and how they make their life still count. And in no way that would be easy.

That when the realization strikes;  for most of the times, when we label ourselves “the unlucky ones”; little do we know how lucky we are.

Yet do we do our role in the best way we can. Are we using our blessings or simply taking them for granted and whiling away our time ?A lot to ponder over.

So for now, I have decided to make a difference I can, whenever I can and where ever I can. Maybe it’s not the elaborate gesture that counts but just a kind thought or deed. Or sharing our blessings when we can.

And which is why I have to get busy with the dinner.

Happy Thanksgiving Quotes 3

One more thought, with my present work schedule and exams, I really don’t know when I would be able to log on; but till do spread the  cheer around.

Happy thanksgiving !!


That glass of water…

Before you get any further after reading the headline of this post, caution: this is not a tale of the half-full or half-empty glass of water, it’s beyond that !!

Read on…

And at last, here it is, the end of the holidays and back to work. Sigh !! It’s been a blissful opening into the new year and I kind of feel weird now that it is over. Though I must say, 2012 had a great start. ( Nope, not a word to be mentioned about the “R” word..!!) 

With all the un-packing going on, my quarters is in a clutter. I don’t think even a hurricane can make this big a mess. Well, that’s me !!

I couldn’t resist sharing the opportunist’s move….classical of my siblings !!

Classic move I guess. Being an opportunist is no easy job, to quote as my sibling say ( the tiny one with huge round innocent eyes !!), it’s the subtle moves that matter and helps in making the opening. After all, openings are not highlighted, you have to find the chance.

Speaking of which, I still have to get my glass of water. And then it’s back to the work from tomorrow.

Meanwhile, how has your first week of 2012 been so far ?



And so, the end of the old or the new beginning….

And so here begins the new one !! As we all jump-start into the new year, there is one saying I would like to remind myself, “What lie behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

And as far as resolutions go, I finally got to the end of the list, bu about keeping them, my fingers are crossed. But there are a few rules or rather few words of wisdom to pass on. And I found this shared on my wall on Facebook and so here it is…

In the middle of the chaos of the New Year’s Eve, here is a happy new year to you all. May 2012 be the next chance to fulfill the dreams and hopes and to set a new mark on the journey. Dream big , that’s all I am saying for now !!

And here into the first day of the year, Happy New Year to all of you !!! Bottoms up !!


The water in the net.

Sigh !! If there is one thing that I wished I knew before hand, was that December would end in a crazy manner. The past few days have been busy with shopping and travel.

Yeah, I know that December is always a busy month. Yet, most of the time, December has been with friends or with family. But put both together and hey the days just flew by. As for now, I am mainly catching up with the past, my high school friends and distant family.

While on the drive last weekend, I got to see the nets by the creek. And that’s when I thought of the fishing net and the incident that happened in the mid-June this year.

So here is something that I wish to share.

Have you ever tried to collect water in a fishing net ? Is it possible or does it sound simply impossible ? 

Maybe it’s not so. Yes, water will go through the net, but river water has sand particles too. Once when the sand clogs the net, then the water will stay in. 

Well, it was a bet placed by my cousin if, it was feasible to collect water in a fish net. Hmm….so I guess it’s possible, if you just think and then, give it a try.

Interesting….!!! And here is a beautiful sight that is seen often around Fort Kochi, in Kerala, a 5 hour drive from my work place.

So are there any new year pranks up your sleeve ?

What plans are in store for the holidays ? Do share your stories of fun , frolic and adventure ?!!

Getting started on the Big List !!

With all the Xmas preparations going on full swing, it’s been crazy here!! Days of shopping and movies, family get-together’s and barbecues, and lots and lots of eggnog and wine, plus cookies and cakes ( I had hidden the bathroom scales, first thing when I got home !!). Unfortunately, my blog had taken a back-seat ; so much for thinking that Xmas may not be so busy !!

Anyways, it’s Boxing Day today, and so far; most of us at home are still in the post Xmas hangover stage. And so far it’s been quiet and the kids are still in the not-naughty-mode, so there’s time to mull over for now.

So now the next big task comes – something that is always decided on after hours, na make it days of thinking and re-thinking; a pretty grueling task indeed. Needless to say, I am not the only one has that hideous task to do. Like this year for instance, I has finished the primary part of starting on it, but I never got beyond serializing ( a.k.a writing in serial order) it !!

Ah yes, the RESOLUTIONS !! I admit 2011 has seen everything happen but my resolutions !! Maybe it’s some kind of disorder I have, not being able to even cross off even one-off the list !!

So ultimate question for 2012, resolutions to do or not to ?!! Or maybe I’ll do my sister’s trick, make a list of not-to-do’s , so that they then become the to-do’s. Wishful thinking I guess !!

Looking it at a more oblique aspect, resolutions=change; change= confusion; and most of the time, confusion=crisis. So I kind of agree with Calvin on this one.

But hey, doesn’t New Year sound a bit incomplete minus the resolutions bit ?!! Let me see, five days to figure it out, so I guess, there’s still time to get started.

So how was your Xmas celebrations ? Any start on the 2012 resolutions yet ? Or if I may ask the big question, was the 2011 resolutions a success ( don’t ask me, I didn’t even get to cross off the first one, off the list !!) ?



A vicious cycle…..

Well, I have been putting off a lot of things this month especially my blog… Procrastination is not the only reason, sometimes my planning goes way off track. That is, accomplishing too much in too little time which is kind of dangerous. To start off on those things which have a rain check, it would be too numerous to enumerate. Sheer laziness, you could call it. But the minute one thing ends, the next begins. For starters, the Christmas Play led to the College Baccalaureate, followed up the re-setting up of a peripheral health centre, followed by the various Christmas programmes going on in Campus. Time, even if it were more than 24 hours, I would still run out of it. Most important thing that I have been putting off is time for myself, like quiet time. As for my resolutions and new-things-to-learn-this year especially my dance, my music, my writing and my drawings –  well at least they have all been started off; don’t even ask about the rate of progress. Work schedule, chores…kind of drain all my time and energy.

Maybe that’s what I should do, take one day at a time. Maybe I should think that the day has only twelve hours, so that way I would make less number of lists and plans, and instead do more. N find some time to at least start off….soon. And my blog, definitely all my weeks of “missing-in-action” shall be compensated for. Hopefully, I shall start off.