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Light for Rights

Almost 05 30hrs into the second day of December. I know it is kind of late but better late than never. After a series of meetings today and talks, and finally post duty work; I think it is time for me to pass on the message. Well five and a half hrs ago, we had crossed first December, World Aids Day. The day of expressing global solidarity with patients suffering from HIV and AIDS. The day wherein the awareness of the rising numbers of people suffering from AIDS is brought to light, wherein the emergence of a pandemic brought about by HIV is highlighted on and above all the day we express our strong support to all those who suffer from AIDS, many being children. True, a lot of the care and support system to them lies in the hand of the health care system and distributors, but to prevent the rising pandemic a strong public support and awareness system is needed. Above all, they need rights, basic human rights. Join the cause- light for rights. Share the support, wear a red ribbon and go ahead and light the candle. Just tell one person. Spread the message. Spread the awareness.


Triage Chaos

I dread it when I have to go for the disaster site management. It is simply difficult to choose between the victims.The worst part about is that I have to categorize the level of seriousness of the patients- tagging them Which is definitely not fair to them, for irrelevant of the fact that their injuries are serious or not, for them it is definitely serious. For to each, their own life is precious. But what can be done about it ? True, saving lives that can be saved is a must, but the Hippocratic oath deems us not to ignore a single patient.

Guess, this is similar to the issue of who came first, the chicken or the egg ? Unresolvable practically!!!!