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Shuffling work and home: my tribute to all “career moms”

Going through today’s work; I was reminded of my mother. There’s no particular reason and true, Mother’s Day is miles away. Maybe, it’s the sudden realization that time is running and I have never appreciated the way my mother used to juggle through her work and home. From the what my grandma said, my mother has been working since graduation, even before she met my father. A high school teacher, my mother used to love working. Even during her pregnancy, when she was carrying me and later my sister, she used to still go for work. What amazed me was her ability to multi-task. Mornings, she used to be up by dawn preparing breakfast for all of us, arranging our lunch boxes and getting us ready for school. Believe me, waking both of us up was quite a monstrous task for my parents. After school, she used to take us for walks, arrange our dance and music classes and help with schoolwork. Amidst all this frenzy, she still found time for household chores, paying the bills, making proper meals, doing laundry and taking tuitions as well. Dad used to pitch in but sometimes, he had to go away for office projects. As we grew older, we pitched in as well but somehow my mom used to manage fine without us.

What amazes me is the fact that, my mom never used to go crazy. Here, while I am struggling during my internship to maintain my social life, she used to manage to stay in touch with all my relatives. No matter how busy she was, she always found time to sit with us and just talk ; about our daily school activities, friends, life in general ; everything under the sun. When we fell sick, she was up day and night; for all the parent teacher meetings, she used to attend. All the dance performances, cultural activities, sports; she was there to cheer us on. As per as dad’s job; he had to rotate every three years; so we have moved around a lot. All the ‘home shifting’ never used todrive my mom crazy, she used to have all the boxes labelled, packed and arranged; such we were ready to start school, the next day after we shifted in. One of the rules that she had, was an hour daily just with family. We all used to spend our time talking about trivial matters,daily events or pool in ideas for a combined project: like making a cake or rearraning the room making hand made Christmas cards or even going for a drive.

Sometimes, I wonder if I ll be able to do it all in life; like my mom. And it scares me; managing a family, work, children…everything. Motherhood, itself is a full-time job and managing a job, or even working from home is a delicately balanced task. I raise a toast to all working mothers. Handling work, where we often have to face social prejudice and coming back home and take care of the family, is never an easy task. Single mothers have more on their hands. I am sure, there would have been many days when my mom just wanted to bury herself in bed, and take a long, long break. But she didn’t. She loved her work and then coming back home to all of us. Kudos, to all mothers, working and home-makers; you have molded us into who we are today and with no help, but pure naughtiness and trouble from our side. Staying away from home, I miss her more now. But, going back through time, to those days, is what keeps me going through the most busy days at work.

Time immemorial has shown us women of different civilizations, through different ages managing their family, household chores, while working in factories, farms, in textile industry and in various other fields. Working, either by option or by necessity.These days, the media has made a lot of hype about working mothers, about not giving sufficient time for family and for kids. To some extent, it ‘maybe’ true.  But what I  personally feel is that I am proud of my mom, of the fact that she has a career. She has been and will always be the silent inspiring figure, motivating me  to take my career higher while keeping my family with me. May be difficult, but not impossible. For she and many others have done it too. And so will I. Love you mother.