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What the sunset says…

“Come watch with me the shaft of fire that glows
In yonder West: the fair, frail palaces,
The fading Alps and archipelagoes,
And great cloud-continents of sunset-seas…..
Thomas Bailey Aldrich ; Sonnet Miracles”

And that’s the beauty of sunsets. I don’t if it’s common these days, but my grandma often used to say, Every time you wake up and ask yourself, What good things am I going to do today?, remember that when the sun goes down at sunset, it will take a part of your life with it.” 

True, for me sunsets define an end to the day and brings all the happenings to a close. It’s like the perfect time to reminiscence about the good things of the day, indulge in a little bit of nostalgia and loads of wishful thinking and slowly get geared for the next day.

Yet if there is one phrase that always echoes in my mind, it’s the words “Never let the sun go down in your anger.” If there is something left unfinished or unsaid, something that keeps on nagging your mind or anything that’s needs to be said and done with, before sunset is the rule. Afterall, isn’t it worth to have one peaceful night ?!! Sunsets do have a healing touch, we only need to find the time and see it.

Deviating from the philosophical bent, I have been fascinated by sunsets ever since childhood. Maybe it’s the play of colours or simply the sun saying goodbye; yet it has always had a profound effect on me. After witnessing a whole sunset, from the ebbing of the bright rays to the hue of colours and then the dusky darkness; Nature has found a way to keep man in awe of her. And brings time to a standstill. Speaking of sunsets, today mine reminded me of Emily Dickinson’s “The Coming of Night”, though not of the countryside, but of the fiery city skies.

So what are you – a sunrise or sunset person ? Or a bit of both ?! Or none !!



After the walk

A walk in the park.....original picture from flickr.com by avik Bangalee with the same title.In the course of events of yesterday and my “lovely” mood, I got conked out pretty early. Thus, here I am sitting at this unearthly hour, back from a early morning repose with nature. There is nothing like the calming effect it has, especially on a troubled mind. It was still night when I set off, along the road, to the lawn of my quarters and then to the park.  It was pretty chilly, but hasn’t started snowing. Though we had one episode of hailstones. There is something fresh about the early morning air. Makes me just want to indulge in the scent of the morning dew, wet grass, completely devoid of all thoughts.

Along the way, there are many marvels to ponder on. The early morning flowers, as they await the rays of the sun, the twittering of the birds as they slowly get ready for the day. Along the winding brick laden path I walked, it was quiet all around but not that sudden stillness. Just a calmness, as a prelude to the busy day ahead. And then, dawn broke and the powder blue skies emerged. It’s beautiful to be a part of such a scene. And that is when I had my moment, a scene carved in my mind, my happy place.

A moment in time, an instant that had no time. A picture frozen in mid- frame, demanding to be enjoyed, to dwell within that scene, be a part of it. A minute that refused to die after sixty seconds. A moment that was lifted off the time line and amplified into a forever so all the could witness the majesty. The essence of life carved in that moment.

Feels like a moment in eternity. A moment that reminds me of the treasures surrounding of life. My home. My peace of mind.  A moment that tenderly chides me for spending so much time and energy on temporal preoccupations such as work, savings accounts, and punctuality. A moment that can bring a mist to the manliest of eyes and perspective to the darkest life. A moment with a dotted timeline, to be relived again and again.

Life is like that , it is a long winding road, and the journey on the road is far more important than the final destination. And along these journeys, these spacial moments happen and that is what tells us that everything is okay. It’s okay to make mistakes, to fall in love and to find peace within.

As I walk back, the leaves of autumn still sway in the chill of winter; like a blend of two seasons. I had my moment today, and it will keep me going on for sometime, even when I feel that I am about to hit the dumps. All of us have our own moments. Treasure them as they come. Don’t be too busy to enjoy them. For that is what keeps us going on, reminding me of the miracles of life.

Reflecting through the leaves

Late yesterday, I was gazing out onto the lawn. Fall was in full mode, and as usual there was a mess for the gardeners to clean up by morning. It was the leaves that set my thoughts in motion. Have you ever seen a leaf unfurl ?! It first has to form a small teeny weeny green point on the branch and then it unfurls out through the spring and summer days. Each one has a story to tell and a world to see. Some wither and die. Some further branch out and unfurl out into different shapes and sizes. Some get diseased and die out. Others change colours with the change of season adding to the beauty around.

But each one has a story to tell. A story of rays of sunshine and early morning dew , of droplets of rain and little crawlies of nature, of nests, of various views. At the end, they all had something to contribute, either add to someone’s joy and laughter, or witness sorrows, inspire thoughts and creativity. Which is how sometimes, our lives reflect to be. Sometimes, along the road there will come a time when we have to stand alone. We have to make sacrifices, approach reality and redefine our goals so that the final target can be achieved. All this requires courage from within, the seed of self-confidence and the willingness to take risks. To not settle for anything less than the best, requires a deep sense of aim from within. We need to get out of our comfort zones and familiar faces, recognize and grab opportunities and discover our true purpose in life.

Find your inner light and let it lead you on. Don’t shy away from what you really want. For that, staying in somebody else’s shadows won’t help. We need to follow the rays of sunlight and find out our own patterns, for like every leaf we all have a special story to witness and experience in life.

Mid autumn hails..

Yesterday, it was “hailstone-ing” out here. It happened around mid afternoon, to mark the beginning of the cold, dusky days and the end of the torrid sweaty days. For once, all hospital work came to a standstill ( just for a few seconds !!) as all gazed out. It was pretty interesting to listen to the various comments circulating around. ” Will our car windows get scratched ?!!” ” How are we going to get back home ?!” ” We’ll get pretty late today!!” ,”Cancel the evening meeting, we won’t be able to make it!!”…..But the loudest was by the kids, “Let’s go  out, it’s hailstones!!” and ” Yay, it’s raining out here !!” The last these little things came down was about ten years ago !! A day later, i.e. today the atmosphere is pretty vibrant out here. Lighter woolens are in now, with  scarves ( my personal favs!!) gaining a lot of popularity, hot cups of cocoa  and loads of soup.

The entire season change has affected the mood around . In a way, basic human nature is similar. We all have different colors to add to life. Each person has their own flavor to give. But, in the end the basic principles remain the same. Like, each hailstone we come in different shapes and sizes, but each of us have a unique fingerprint. True, hailstones have immense potential to cause huge damage; but it’s one of nature’s natural events. Depending on the altitude of fall, it has potential to cause immense loss. Come to think of it, it follows the natural cycle of life and destruction. Something like the gift that we have, to bring about another positive change in this world no matter how small it may be or to sit back and just be passive viewers.

Well , I am pretty much in a reflective mood today. Every incident has something to offer us, no matter how hopeless it may seem to be. Have a nice day !!