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And so, the end of the old or the new beginning….

And so here begins the new one !! As we all jump-start into the new year, there is one saying I would like to remind myself, “What lie behind us and what lies before us are small matters compared to what lies within us.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

And as far as resolutions go, I finally got to the end of the list, bu about keeping them, my fingers are crossed. But there are a few rules or rather few words of wisdom to pass on. And I found this shared on my wall on Facebook and so here it is…

In the middle of the chaos of the New Year’s Eve, here is a happy new year to you all. May 2012 be the next chance to fulfill the dreams and hopes and to set a new mark on the journey. Dream big , that’s all I am saying for now !!

And here into the first day of the year, Happy New Year to all of you !!! Bottoms up !!



Getting started on the Big List !!

With all the Xmas preparations going on full swing, it’s been crazy here!! Days of shopping and movies, family get-together’s and barbecues, and lots and lots of eggnog and wine, plus cookies and cakes ( I had hidden the bathroom scales, first thing when I got home !!). Unfortunately, my blog had taken a back-seat ; so much for thinking that Xmas may not be so busy !!

Anyways, it’s Boxing Day today, and so far; most of us at home are still in the post Xmas hangover stage. And so far it’s been quiet and the kids are still in the not-naughty-mode, so there’s time to mull over for now.

So now the next big task comes – something that is always decided on after hours, na make it days of thinking and re-thinking; a pretty grueling task indeed. Needless to say, I am not the only one has that hideous task to do. Like this year for instance, I has finished the primary part of starting on it, but I never got beyond serializing ( a.k.a writing in serial order) it !!

Ah yes, the RESOLUTIONS !! I admit 2011 has seen everything happen but my resolutions !! Maybe it’s some kind of disorder I have, not being able to even cross off even one-off the list !!

So ultimate question for 2012, resolutions to do or not to ?!! Or maybe I’ll do my sister’s trick, make a list of not-to-do’s , so that they then become the to-do’s. Wishful thinking I guess !!

Looking it at a more oblique aspect, resolutions=change; change= confusion; and most of the time, confusion=crisis. So I kind of agree with Calvin on this one.

But hey, doesn’t New Year sound a bit incomplete minus the resolutions bit ?!! Let me see, five days to figure it out, so I guess, there’s still time to get started.

So how was your Xmas celebrations ? Any start on the 2012 resolutions yet ? Or if I may ask the big question, was the 2011 resolutions a success ( don’t ask me, I didn’t even get to cross off the first one, off the list !!) ?



Usher in the ding-dong of the bells….

Here comes 2011 ( oops, nineteen hours already into it !!)…who ever thought that one decade of the next millennium would go by so fast !!! Poor Y2K bug…it got real badly squashed. As with every year, my nerves wouldn’t settle down till I made that never-accomplishable-despite-repeated-attempts list of the “dreaded new year” resolutions. So under the spell of the ethanol group of compounds, my persistently flickering neuronal network went into hyper-drive mode!!! The biggest question is how many to make and how long should I take to make it. I‘ll leave that answer for later.

Now let me see, where to start off…ah to lose some weight. Chances of a success….. extremely slim. Possibility, next to impossible. Ah forget that one, next is “ballet”. Got that bug bite this year and oh yes I started off in the confines of my little room with all those help-yourself-to-pirouette tapes. So far, one twisted ankle, a very sore bum, scraped elbows and something that looked like a spin on your toes. Hmmm, shall take it a step further this year with the splits. Accomplishable? Note: Will answer later.

Next, knitting? Only if I manage to wrangle that yarn from my kitten. Forget it, shall review later.

Karate; current status: white belt. Should I try going higher, learning the kicks is great, especially to try out on those evil-prank-playing friends of mine. Oh this is definitely worth it….got to sign up asap.

Reading (strictly novels!!)…..last year’s resolution carried over. Accomplishable? Remote possibility, maybe so. “There shall be miracles when you believe”….and so I shall believe.

Four listed out, so far. I think I’ll leave a lot of space for the accomplishable column. Fifth, regular blogging!! Well, I just started off this year, it’s a possibility but my variables are highly variable. I can’t vouch for the Internet and its’ traffic nor my net connection or the fact that I would be around at one place….this year looks like it could be “a travelling one”. Nope, not one of treks and rock-climbing, but of the “scalpel” and “the blade” with that little black bag in tow. Ah who can predict the future ?!!

I’m scratching my brains out now, they are on the verge of herniation…think I am doomed that my resolutions won’t work out. Oops, didn’t someone say just a minute ago about the miracles…..I think I need a little more time to think. After all, dreamers are the thinkers of society!! (says I) As for resolutions, they are meant to be broken mid-year and remodeled. But I shall complete my list of resolutions, at least I need something useful to focus on. The whole point is to give yourself something to change, to modify and bring some life into the persona of self ( I am not under influence !!!) Meanwhile, it’s time to get ready for that party and usher in the ding-dong of the bells…looks like it may be a pretty interesting year after all ( …..think of miracles). Cheers for the New Year…bring it on !!!