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I wish I could switch off my hearing for a few minutes…..

During one of the recent stage performances I had attended…

” This is supposed to be the best band in the whole college. Just listen, how could they even let this happen. Listen, to their notes; all out of order. Who can even hear them sing. This is simply astounding. Horrendous. Don’t they have any idea about the image they are projecting of themselves. What fools are they…..blah….blah…blah….If they only had listened to my idea. When we went there, we did the best show. Too good. Lifted them off their feet….blah..blah…blah..blah…”

Oh, for Pete’s sake, of course we can’t listen to anything, thanks to your non-stop blabbering. Is it so difficult for anyone to shut up and just let others enjoy the show. Is a big task to keep those waggling tongues under control !!! A bunch of ‘pure noise’ is what they are.

Incidentally, there’s nothing much that we can do. Most of these small noises, become big ‘influential’ noises and consequently, create ‘ big’ headaches for everyone else around them. Forget about workplaces , they are there even in colleges, schools, amusement parks, cafe’s, sports matches…everywhere !!! The more ‘ silent’ and ‘ sensible’ people have no option but to plug some cotton, feign complete deafness and carry on with their life. Internationally, it’s high time that world silence day is observed ( I hope that there is a day like that!). And, to add to it  if we listen to all that noise once, we have to listen again and again and again…our whole day becomes threatened. More worst  is that it’s all the same talk over and over again…. placed in different scenarios and lined with pure imagination and fabrication.

Arrgh….it’s true that “empty vessels” make a lot of “noise”, but what’s most annoying, is that they are the ones that get the spotlight along with all the unwanted attention, hue and cry…how much more ironic can life get !!! Why can’t we just show them the wall and get on with life ?!!!