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It’s Lá Samhna…

When I look at the calendar, there is one thought running across my mind. “Time really does fly fast.” Which reminds me of “my resolutions’ list”, the location of which I am totally clueless about. I know it’s somewhere there, but I must dig it out before the snow sets in. Come to think of it, it’s not easy to write these things every year ( think of the mind churning its gears and the neurons firing, all that hard work in thinking !!) and then not to cross out even one of them !! A late start is better than not starting at all !!

 So here we are, the Irish first day of Winter, the International World Vegan Day ( nope, I’m nowhere  near that goal !!), the first day of the eleventh month of the year( ten months just whizzed by !!)  a.k.a. Lá Samhna.

What have I accomplished so far ? I really don’t know. For one, I have yet to sit down and dust those rusty cells to look back and review the days of the past few months.

Sometimes, I wonder if this rush would ever stop. If one day, time would come to a standstill, just for a little while though. Alas, if unicorns were here !!

But if you were to ask me to go back to the care-free days of no responsibilities, no way!! I guess, it is the human nature, to wax and wane most of the time and to then cheer up later and eventually, get back to the daily life.

November..means the turkey, the start of snow, the start of the shopping lists and FedEx to the rescue, the Movember movement, the Great American Smokeout ( a cancer awareness day to stop smoking), Children’s Day (in India, it’s on Nov 14), the community projects, preparation for the pre-X’mas camps…it’s going to be one busy month.

And, it’s All Saints’ today and tomorrow I am back on the road and onto the hills, going back to work.

Meanwhile, hope y’all had an eventful year so far. And, happy November folks!!