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Suffering from “Brand”-aid ?!!

” Last night, I was going through the online shopping sites ; when I spotted an original leather (the ad said so!!) bag from Gucci from their new fall collection. That’s when it suddenly occurred to me that I had seen the same model in the market earlier that day !!!”

Sounds familiar, right ?! What struck me is that; almost every month, half my salary used to go on buying something outrageously expensive, that must be available for nearly quarter the same price in the downtown market. Whose going to wear the same thing twice anyways ?!! Coming to think of it, half my salary went up in smoke. Cause’ no matter whatever branded item I get, there is no point to it when my next-door neighbour can get the exact replica to the T ; and please don’t remind me how much I paid for it !! I thought that this was limited to just clothes, handbags and other us, ‘women’ items.

Apparently not so!, today morning my cousin brother had just finished cribbing on the phone on how much he had spent on his new laptop a month ago, only to find that a better model has hit the market !!! Should I be surprised !! Nope. Even in med school, when the new Nokia N series 78 and 96 came out in 2008, by the time a few of us could scrape even to get it, came along the new Xpress editions 5730,5330…But wt’s the point, coz’ N97 soon crashed in !!! Not going into Blackberry, Samsung Corby…blah! blah!

We, the consumer society are extremely “brand” crazy and latest editions crazy !! To be in tune is fine, but going completely overboard is not !! No one’s telling anyone to wear the 80’s look but that doesn’t mean that we have to splurge on all those designer wear, either. Look at ‘techno’, it’s changing at a very fast pace to keep up with. Tomorrow’s high end gadgets become today’s in techno
and today’s becomes, not yesterday’s but a century old. Totally out of proportion with change. Consequences, a very temporarily satisfied shopper, too many options, extreme homework before buying any item, absolute waste of time and to top it all, severely out-of-credit followed by the countless collector’s bills !! Ah the paranoia of a compulsive ‘brand’ shopper doesn’t end there !! The other day; Ann and I had to get a gift for one of our friends, and we ended up walking into at least five different ‘formal mens wear’ shop; each time telling the sales people there, we ll just come in five mins; do keep it for us !!! Cause’ there was no guarantee that our “branded” friend has heard of the new line of “Cotton County’s” French Revolution !! And no way, we could take a chance !!!

Agreed, that buying selective or reasonable brands is good, but don’t overdo it. No matter how expensive it is or how long the guarantee or warranty period holds, if it’s not properly used, it’s bound to go into ‘malfunction’ aka ‘wear and tear’ mode. As for duplication, no matter how many laws are enforced; it can’t be stopped completely. Remember the Archie’s’, Betty and V’s adventures; guess I have to be more like B before I end up in the gutter !!!

Brands need to be classified as  Sensible, Necessary, Not so Necessary, Rare Splurge and of course, Absolutely Useless. Symptoms of this fever catching on are : the five C ‘s….constant dissatisfaction of consumer goods, constant preying on other’s new stuff, constant expensive window and real shopping, constant overflow of bills and constantly getting logged onto the latest line for the sole purpose of flashing your credit card!! Cure !!! stopping brand shopping won’t help. Get a non-brand shopping friend and do an occasional splurge, nope… make it a very rare splurge. But please, do not buy every useless inexpensive item seen; shop wisely: that’s the answer !!!! similar to, thinking like a devil but shopping like an angel- quite a delicate balance to be struck. The post for ‘wise shopping tips’ is on the way. As for me, it’s time to visit the downtown stores !!!