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Take it with a pinch of salt….

How many times have you believed something that you have hear by the WOM ( word of mouth) – i.e. rumors ? Those ‘snippets of conversation’ floating around, in the air. I mean whether you want to hear it or not, its out there.  And what do you do about the ‘facts’ that you have heard.

The last thing you want is your relationships to falter, just because ‘someone’ said something that ‘somebody else’ heard and told ‘someone’, who told it to ‘someone else’ and who went to tell ‘that someone else’ who told you. The chain of rumors go on and on. Hey, where the hell is the proof that it really happened!!! What someone in Italy would tell you is to,”avere sale in zucca”, which  “means to have intelligence and reasoning capabilities”. Everything that you hear may not be reliable. You need to have a reserve of skepticism in you. The actual fact may have a reasonable explaination to it. And later on looking back, after the entire episode dissolves, the whole fiasco may seem kinda stupid.

By the time, the real fact comes around to you, the real fact is so embellished that it sometimes may seem too weird to be true. To quote, “Nine-tenths of the world is entertained by scandalous rumors, which are never dissected until they are dead and, when pricked, collapse like an empty bladder.– Horace Greeley

So the next time, somebody educates you with a simply stupendous piece o’ news, follow the good ol’ principle of, “Cum grano salis
…i.e. take it with a pinch of salt…