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Hold the ties….

” Its been ages since I have seen my parents, the whole family of cousins and relatives!!!  Its not that I don’t have the time, its just that I don’t bother.” How many of us out there have found this comment quite commonly told or heard around? For me, this is quite a common phrase, which I use. Agreed being an intern is not easy, I remain busy with work on my hands round the clock !!! But somehow I always manage to catch up on the latest season of House, 24, Bones. Recently, its so happened that one of my senior residents overheard me cutting my call on the pretext of being “busy”, which is when he offered me a piece of advice, Family is family. They are the ones who come rushing over in the time of crisis, holding us up through difficult hours, or by simply being there!!!

Working mothers- we often tend to look to our parents, siblings  to watch over the kids. Teenagers, true that our gangs are very vital, but who bails us out of trouble other than our parents!! Who stands by our bedside at the time of sickness and even in health !!!! Who helps us during the “baby period”!!

It doesn’t take a lot of time to make that call or to pop over for the weekend. The best part is that, there is no need for a long chat,even a simple hi over the phone will suffice. They only need to hear our voice, for in our hearts these ties are never broken, but just need to be renewed.

It’s 3 am in the morning, I think I ll just voice mail my mum. I know that she’ll call me back through the day, and this time I promise to pick the call….And later today, I ll call up my grandparents too.