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Pills are not your answer..

With the newer fashion trends, seems like all the tastes are feasible for a person of size zero. Add to that, the media hype, the socialscenario and half of the world being overweight or obese, proper diet seems to have lost its value.

The latest art- “pill popping” is catching up fast. Multivitamins, B complex, calcium, Vitamin E, spirullina tablets, Vitamin A tablets, iron tablets…You name it, and then pop the pill. All these capsules and tablets are not the answer to the body. Half of these pills are not taken in the right manner. It’s not about how you take them, but about the regimes. Iron tablets have to be ideally taken between meals, and not with tea or coffee, and absolutely no phytates. Anyways, that is not what I want to bring to light here, but the fact that what had happened to the good ol’ mealtimes. All the daily nutrients are in there. In moderation, any diet can give you the minimum nutrients that you need.

All of these multivitamins and minerals, are found in the day-to-day foods. So these many pills are not to be taken. In fact, overdose can easily cause as many complications as being deficient of them. Most of these are not absorbed wholly. Allow, nature to take its course. Medical science dictated that only certain people need to take them, and let your GP’s decide that. Self prescription is not a wise idea.

Besides, food contains many more constituents, which can’t be substituted, like anti-oxidants, beta – carotenes and so on. Things that won’t be found in the variety of capsules, powders or pills marketed around.

The situation is different for expecting mothers, elderly, babies…As for children, a healthy diet is sufficient enough ( cod liver oil tastes yuck !!!). The whole point is having one piece of bread and popping the pills is not a good way of living. Not to mention the amount of finances going into this venture in the long run.  Take your time and have a proper bite ( Nope not the fast food or whatever is within reach!!!).

So do think twice before you pop over the next multivitamin pill ? Do you really need it ?!