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The view over the harbour…

Mornings are the worst part of the day for me. I literally need an ECT to kick-start my day. As a child, my mom had to literally drag out of bed. This was so, until I changed apartments. My new room overlooked the harbour. Every morning, at the crack of dawn, the place used to come alive. With all the hawkers, trawlers and the clanging of the boats, pressing the snooze button was hopeless. Thus, began my morning  episode of “harbour watching” a cool kick off for the day.

First, as the dawn comes up the horizon, the boats are into the water. The nets are then dumped onto the decks, and the trawlers are ready. Very soon, hawkers line up the walk and the conscious health watchers go for their promenade. Within, ten minutes the hustle-bustle begin, with the motor boats whirring to life and the late night trawlers and nets coming back loaded. Traders come in and the bigger boats set sail. Photographers line the walk and artists linger around for a bit of inspiration. The activity continues for the whole day, till dusk sets in and it slowly quietens down.

What attracted me was the enormous amount of happenings going on. Each morning, as I sat beside my window, I wondered what was the adventure that each boat was embarked on or was coming from . The unpredictable mishaps or fortunes that may happen. Lucky or not, each one had a story to tell. Seeing all the activity, spurred me out of my lazy cocoon and get moving.

Life, kind of seems akin to the harbour front. Each one of us has an experience to go through, a mark to set and a story to tell. Staying put in a place, and rusting out will only result in disappointment and boredom. Life is too short to take it like a snail ( don’t make it ultra-short by being the hare either !!!). Kick-start your day with something to inspire you, and embark on the journey of your life.

Now, I no longer stay there, but each time I need a spark; I see the harbour in my eye and remember that my voyage has just begun…