About me!!!

To put it across simply, I am one of your ordinary people who likes to blog about the happenings of my life. A part of it aids in venting out my frustrations and another part of it, aids in telling me that i am not alone…. What else must i say ? Like anyone of you guys, like music and movies and books..mostly non fic, dabbling in art now and then. I try my hand at cooking once in a while. Unfortunately I dont have the space around here to have green fingers. Other than that..ll add later on as time permits. Have a gr8 day !!! Update 01: Rushing through the hours esp in the mornings’, drowning in cups of coffee ( I still stay afloat- all signs of addiction there) and hoping that I had at least an extra hour every day, rarely slogging through the books, getting out of campus whenever off-call, and of course suffering from the incurable disease of  yawning incessantly….( a typical life of any med intern ). Sounds familiar !!

Update 02: If anyone was to ask me what my blog is all about…well, can’t make up my mind. Serious or funny..a lil’ bit of both. Daily life incidents or yes. Health  stuff…maybe as long as no one gets too bored or even paranoid. Music and movies…reviews less likely, reflections on them oh yeah. What else, anything that catches my eye.. 🙂

Update 03: I’m miles away from home, a two year mission work-break. Right now it’s in India. Other than that, nope no camera for me and oh yes, I do miss burgers n’ fries n’ tacos !!! It’s spicy and tangy here, and hot with downpours. Have to go more north for the Snow. Right now, I need to start the hunt for a new cam….Wish me luck 🙂

Update 04:Haven’t bought my camera yet. Right now, ‘m on a yo-yo phase, a week practising in the rural areas and then in town. The former is when I get partially cut off from the rest of the world, where the Internet is concerned. Phone and mobile networks still function. But when you are the only doctor in the area, typing out on the screen of my Nokia ( my Blackberry went into protest mode) isn’t a feasible option. Never know when I have to run to the emergency….Uh oh, got to run !!!

Update 05: Struck an emergency, a while ago. Well here I am, juggling work and trying to get a bit of my reading done. Have to finish my post-graduation and specialisation after this two-year work period. Can’t wait to see what happens in the next two years to follow. Hope I stay on the grounds of sanity. What can I say to the readers? What else, but Carpe diem.

Update 06: If any of you wonder why my posts are so erratic, it’s because there are days at a stretch when I have absolutely no Internet accessibility. Yep, that when I am working in the hills of India, i.e.the rural area. It’s known as Mount Hebrom, to be very specific.

Update 07 : Yes, it’s been more than a year long break from the world of writers and blogging and I’m glad to say that I am finally back. The year long disappearance will be explained later. Yet finally I’m doing what I love, i.e. I have entered my first year of junior residency in paediatric medicine and from here the story shall go on. Hope all my readers and fellow bloggers out there are doing great. 


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