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New Waters…

Today has been the day that marked approx. three weeks into this year. Three weeks and still settling down in the new area, my new work place and oh yes, the new surroundings. The new hospital or care the primary care centre is that, one with very basic facilities. The nearest town being a mile away, it feels different being in this new place. Miles away from the endless clamouring of the city-life and surrounded by lush green fields, a real sight for those sore city eyes of mine. Life out here is different. I am the general practitioner out here at the medical mission hospital. With the very basic facilities here in the hospital, the daily “out-patient department and trauma centre” scenes are pretty much unpredictable. My daily prayer is that we would be able to offer timely help, patch ‘em up and refer to a higher centre, especially the trauma patients…. Though, in spite of the very frequent power breaks, the sweltering heat, the change of cuisine (it’s hot ‘n spicy now..), the lack of network coverage, stolen hours online by running over to the nearest town, the different culture and people….the hours as they go by teach me something new and interesting daily. From this little village in India, set by a lake and admist the hills they will be many more thoughts to share, though meanwhile I need to some how get the means to go “networking”. As I was reading through the new features of WordPress, saw the new plan for 2011, blogging daily and weekly. Hope there is something for “bi-weekliers”, like me.

                                           Twisted Fence by star_cosmos_bleu

Anyways for the next two years, I have got my hands tied up. Looks like life is going to be a handful out here. Meanwhile, I need all the luck and grace that I can hold on to….


Usher in the ding-dong of the bells….

Here comes 2011 ( oops, nineteen hours already into it !!)…who ever thought that one decade of the next millennium would go by so fast !!! Poor Y2K bug…it got real badly squashed. As with every year, my nerves wouldn’t settle down till I made that never-accomplishable-despite-repeated-attempts list of the “dreaded new year” resolutions. So under the spell of the ethanol group of compounds, my persistently flickering neuronal network went into hyper-drive mode!!! The biggest question is how many to make and how long should I take to make it. I‘ll leave that answer for later.

Now let me see, where to start off…ah to lose some weight. Chances of a success….. extremely slim. Possibility, next to impossible. Ah forget that one, next is “ballet”. Got that bug bite this year and oh yes I started off in the confines of my little room with all those help-yourself-to-pirouette tapes. So far, one twisted ankle, a very sore bum, scraped elbows and something that looked like a spin on your toes. Hmmm, shall take it a step further this year with the splits. Accomplishable? Note: Will answer later.

Next, knitting? Only if I manage to wrangle that yarn from my kitten. Forget it, shall review later.

Karate; current status: white belt. Should I try going higher, learning the kicks is great, especially to try out on those evil-prank-playing friends of mine. Oh this is definitely worth it….got to sign up asap.

Reading (strictly novels!!)…..last year’s resolution carried over. Accomplishable? Remote possibility, maybe so. “There shall be miracles when you believe”….and so I shall believe.

Four listed out, so far. I think I’ll leave a lot of space for the accomplishable column. Fifth, regular blogging!! Well, I just started off this year, it’s a possibility but my variables are highly variable. I can’t vouch for the Internet and its’ traffic nor my net connection or the fact that I would be around at one place….this year looks like it could be “a travelling one”. Nope, not one of treks and rock-climbing, but of the “scalpel” and “the blade” with that little black bag in tow. Ah who can predict the future ?!!

I’m scratching my brains out now, they are on the verge of herniation…think I am doomed that my resolutions won’t work out. Oops, didn’t someone say just a minute ago about the miracles…..I think I need a little more time to think. After all, dreamers are the thinkers of society!! (says I) As for resolutions, they are meant to be broken mid-year and remodeled. But I shall complete my list of resolutions, at least I need something useful to focus on. The whole point is to give yourself something to change, to modify and bring some life into the persona of self ( I am not under influence !!!) Meanwhile, it’s time to get ready for that party and usher in the ding-dong of the bells…looks like it may be a pretty interesting year after all ( …..think of miracles). Cheers for the New Year…bring it on !!!